#19 – University is some of your best years

People say that high school is some of your best years, but I disagree. There can be so much turmoil for people when they think of their high school years. There is so much bullying in high school, people are with people that they have been with since primary school and many of the relationships that you have with people are just relationships of circumstance. You don’t have people that are truly for you.

University is full of people that are truly your people. You can explore yourself fully and completely without judgement and there is less to little no bullying at uni.

In western society, we are taught that if you don’t have a job that you are nothing. All our life has been school from the ages of 4 – 18, if you go to uni it’s 4- 21. That’s a lot of time and pressure to be learning, and it’s full of essays, exams, presentations. It isn’t great for the human brain.

We never have time to just sit and think. Uni is a great time to chill and relax, you are still learning, but you do it at your own pace, you can decide if you want to go to the lectures, and besides doing lectures you are just relaxing and taking a minute to be with yourself and your thoughts.

You can always have a gap year, where that is literally just full of relaxing and doing what you want to do.

Like I said before western society is only about getting a job, working, earning money, then spending that money to keep the economy going, this is Capitalism.

When we don’t have a job, or if we aren’t earning we are told that we are worthless and that we will be nothing if we don’t have a job. This can create a lot of mental turmoil, and it’s unnecessary stress we put on ourselves. And this is why I believe we need to take a break from learning and getting a job.

We never explore the world we are in and when we take breaks and holidays we think “I needed this, I never treat myself”, humans aren’t made to be working machines, we have to treat ourselves constantly and not think that when we have a break that we deserve it, we always desereve to enjoy life.

We have been brainwashed that if we work hard and often that then and only then, we deserve a break. This has been engrained in us since school. If we study hard we will get high grades, if we put blood, sweat and tears into what we do it’s the only way to get the best results. There is no point exerting yourself if it puts your lifebehind your work.

Work and earning has been put into our brains that it will make your life, and that’s all we are put on the earth for. Work and money should add to your life, it shouldn’t be your life.

That’s why I think uni is some of the best years of your life because your head isn’t wrapped in the ‘work and only work’ mentality. You take time on yourself.

When you balance your life, and when you have put yourself first and you spend time on what makes you happy and enjoying your time on earth, then you will be living your best life.

This post is a little confusing, I normally plan posts, but with this one I just let my fingers do the typing. If you have any questions, or you want to discuss the post then please write them in the comments, I am always up for learning.

KatyNella xoxo


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