Lockdown Lowdown; My Thoughts

What has been happening to us all is weird. This has never happened in our lifetime, it is a worldwide crisis, a pandemic, unchartered territory for all of us, so what are we suppose to think, do and say?

My thoughts are all over the place, I am constantly putting my mind in overdrive by thinking, what the fuck am I supposed to do? Do I be productive and do stuff that I haven’t been able to do before, or should I just use this time to chill and stay in bed and watch Netflix?

The latter, I have always done, so you would think that I would start working out, start writing my blog, filming videos or learning something different, but the reality is that I have just been waking up at 3pm, watching the same old stuff over and over again then repeating the cycle the next day.

I feel obligated to use this time to change my life, start something new, be productive and I feel shit when I don’t. I feel shit because other people are making use of their time, but I shouldn’t feel that way. Everyone will go through different things and emotions, maybe this is my way of coping?

Should I or Shan’t I? Is the question, there is not many weeks of lockdown left and I feel like I have failed myself by not making the changes I want, so where do we go from here? I am going to start a series on my blog called “Lockdown Lowdown” and I am going to try and be more productive and write about everything I have achieved or tried to.

I will be putting up a list in the next few days of things I want to do in the lockdown, and if you want you can come along this journey with me, but don’t feel obliged to do anything.

For the past few years, I have always felt in a slump, I feel like I am nowhere near the person I want to be, nowhere near the things I want to do and experience and I have no knowledge to get out of this slump, but this lockdown is the chance to research, read and learn how to.

I want to become the person that I can be proud of and I am nowhere near that person.

This is it for now, so hopefully I will continue this, unlike many things I have quit in the past.

Stay safe and stay home!

KatyNella xo

Starting my conscientious life path journey <3

Today I start to walk along the path that will lead me to where I want to be.

I want to be a more cultured, knowledgeable, free, humane and spiritual.

I always buy my stuff from smile.Amazon, because most of the stuff is eligible for the program, which means that amazon will give a percentage of the price of the product to the charity you have chosen. This means you are doing something when you are purchasing items.

Today, I have bought a few books on how to organically clean the home, how to operate a zero waste kitchen and lifestyle, how to become plastic free. I have also bought a menstrual cup and bamboo toothbrushes.

I care for the environment deeply. I have always admired nature, I always love looking at different scenery and I want to do my best, my part to conserve the world so that my children and future generations can enjoy what I enjoy.

I have already started my plastic free journey by buying the free shampoo and conditioner bars from Lush. These products are amazing, they are supposed to last three months but mine have lasted way longer than that and on top of this they actually do my hair good.

I have asked people not to buy me bottled shampoo or conditioner anymore. My mum even bought me more bars which is amazing.

When I talk to people about my love for the environment, especially family, I will get funny looks and get told “to stop being silly”, when I ask questions that are valid. In Marks and Spencer’s there were nuts in a plastic tube. There weren’t that many nuts, and they could have been in different packaging, and when I told my mum she just laughed.

I think to change the world, there only needs to be one person with the idea strong enough to get others to listen. Once the idea is planted in a person’s mind, it becomes rooted and they will begin to change their behaviour.

I have been hypocritical, I have done behaviours in the past that completely contradict what I am or say today but that is the beauty of human. It’s recognising your mistakes and changing for the better.

Like I have said, I have always been into nature and the environment. I used to be apart of two after school clubs in primary, one called Woodcraft and the other Eco Squad.

Woodcraft was a group that wasn’t attacked to the school but used the school grounds, we would go camping, learn about the environment etc and Eco Squad, was probably one of the school clubs I was apart of for a long time from like year 2 i’d say to year 6. In Eco Squad we would pick up litter that was on the playground, de-weed the playground, plant flowers, collect the fruit bins from each unit and place them into the compost bins, which we would then use as soil for the flowers. We also learnt a lot about the environment.

People used to take the mick when they found out was apart of Eco Squad, there was no bullying, they just used to laugh and I would say I enjoyed it so it didn’t bother me, the only time I felt embarrassed was when I had to do a mini play about how dinosaurs became extinct and I was the T-Rex, and had to roar loudly because I was the longest serving member and the only year 6 in the squad.

I do my bit, but I want to do it more. I have gone litter picking in a park once, two years ago, I need to do this more though. When I see a piece of litter I sometimes pick it up and place it in the bin.

But this is a problem and issue that is close to my heart and anything I can do to help the environment whilst here on earth I am going to do that.

So I will be writing updates on my journey, reviews on the products, books etc to keep you guys in the loop, and maybe inspire some of you to make a positive change like I am today.

Yours Truly

Katy Nella xoxo

Chapter 1; I went vegetarian for a week…

I have recently wanted to have become vegetarian/vegan.

I care about the environment and animals, but I cant be an advocate for the environment and animals, if I eat them and use them for products daily.

I tried to go vegetarian for a week. I completed it. And I am proud that I completed it. It wasn’t that difficult, but in a way it was. I had to really think about the snacks I wanted and I couldn’t go for my normal everyday food as that was meat.

I substituted my everyday Tuesday brunch, from a sausage butty for a jacket potato and beans. I tried a new sandwich which was just hummus and sweetcorn, this was disgusting, so I just didn’t end up eating it.

This week taught me how easy it was to become vegetarian, and how much will power I actually had.

This was a surprise because I didn’t actually think that much willpower.

I am writing this to tell people that if you want to do something, or change your life it is easy to do so.

I believe in the future that I will become vegetarian/vegan. I will document this change blog style and vlog style.

This will be a very difficult transition, because I am a meat eater. I love how easy meat is to cook, buy and store. But I want to do this, I love animals and I respect the earth, so I am going to change my behaviour for the world and my future kids.

As well as this, I will try and limit my carbon foot print. I have seen lots of people trying to live a zero waste lifestyle and I will try this soon, it will be difficult as the city I live in doesn’t have shops that are zero waste so I will have to do some research.

One of my best friends has just recently done a dissertation on how plastic is killing the earth and she is now living a zero waste lifestyle, so I will message her and get some tips from her, so she can help me and maybe help some of you guys.

This is the beginning of a new chapter for me and maybe I will inspire you to live the life you want to live to.

All I know is that I want to change myself and my life for the better.

Yours truly,

Katy Nells xoxo

Cheap Make Up – Is it worth it?

So I have wanted to get Jeffree Stars’ liquid lipsticks as well as Kylie Jenners’, but as I don’t have money to actually buy or pay for the delivery charge I decided to turn to cheap option in the UK. So I went on to Superdug.co.uk and searched for some lipsticks and highlighters, to see what the hype of these products are. The overall price for my order was about £37 but that is because of all the promotional discounts .

I will be discussing my first impressions and how I feel about these products. So first of all I swatched the highlighters, three are from a brand called ‘MUA’ they were round £3 and with the ‘three for 2’ offer they were a little less. And the other is from ‘Revolution’ and that was about £5. The first picture are off the pans that the product is in from left to right is what the product is called; Iridescent Gold, Radiant Cashmere, Pink Shimmer and Radiant Lights. On my arm radiant lights is first followed by the order above.

My first impression is that I am disappointed by Revolution, it is not as shimmery as I expected, the only reason I bought this product is because the colour that MUA had wasn’t in stock and this was the closest I could find. Besides that it is a pretty colour and I could mix it with another lighter highlighter to keep the colour but get the shimmer. With this swatch I had to go back into the pan a few times for it to actually look like it has pigment in it, which is great, so I will probably not use it that much, or I might use it as a bronzer.

Now I was surprised about the MUA highlighters, they are more pigmented, more shimmery and the colours are beautifu. My favourite has to be pink shimmer though, as with my skintone it is subtle, so if I were to put it on my cheeks you would hardly notice, which is how I like my make up, so for me that’s perfect. I also bought some lumi drops from gosh in the colour ‘Vanilla’ as I thought it was a more ‘posher’ highlighter if you will, but I am really really disappointed in this product as you would need to put a lot of product on your face for it too look like you have used a highlighter, I did have a picture but it is pointless to upload as you can’t tell the difference from the swatch to my skin. So the highlighting drops are a huge no-no from me.

Now time for the liquid lipsticks. So I did buy a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in the colour ‘Posie K’ a few weeks ago, but it cost about £40 including delivery, so for me it wasn’t worth it. But the product itself I feel is amazing. The applicator is fluffy and feels nice on the lips, the product smells really nice, however I thought the colour was lighter and was disappointed when it arrived and it looked incredibly dark on my lips, but I eventually liked the product. The product did come off after a few hours and it came off even quicker when I ate a McFlurry, but not everything is ever lasting.

Now on to the MUA lipsticks. The lipstick ‘Velvet Vamp’ is from Revolution but the rest are from MUA. When I saw the packaging it looked and felt luxurious. It kind of had a ‘frosted glass’ look. I just want to state something now, on the product itself it says ‘long-wear matte finish lip lacquer’ now with my previous experiences with some of these products (I wore two a few days ago) they were not long-wear, mine came/rubbed/flaked off within two-three hours leaving a line around my lips, which means I would have to carry the product around to reapply it. But this opinion is different for everyone depending on what your definition on long lasting is, mine is more than four hours so in that regard I am dis appointed with the lip lacquers. But never the less the colours are pretty. I have swatched a few but some of the pictures disappeared. They all went on great but they needed a few more dips then more application on to my lips to get full pigmentation. They smelt gorgeous, and the applicators were great to cover my lips in the product. But what I was disappointed about was the ‘MUA LUXE’ metallic lips, they didn’t dry matte, which I think they were supposed to do, and you could hardly tell they were metallic as there wasn’t much shimmer, so my advice would to be buy the metallic ones from a luxury brand such as Kylie Cosmetics.

My favourite lip lacquers are Zest, Tranquillity and Posie k.

After swatching all of the lipsticks my lips felt numb, tingly, sticky and horrible, so I just simply put on some lip scrub then coated them in lip balm to try and get some moisture back in them and it worked. What I used are the last two pictures.

So my opinion is that if you pay for more luxury brands you will have to pay that luxury price but in some cases it is completely worth it, and I probably if I was more interested in to make up, but to me spending £30 on eyeshadow is absolutely ludicrous as for shoes however I could easily spend at least £100 on one pair!!

Remember just be you.

Katy Nella xoxo

Work got me like

So I have a part time job. I have had it since half way through my second year of college, and when I am home from uni they want me to work. So I earn money, go back to uni and spend it on the essentials; you know that Russian Standard Vodka? Anyway, this weekend they had me work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Safe to say that my feet hate me, but they can’t run away, since, you know they are attached to my body? No, not funny? I will just move on.

I work for a local catering company as a waitress. People hire them to cater for the event and I serve them the food. I like working for the company because I am not being a waitress in one place all the time like Pizza Hut, TGIF’S, Nandos etc I actually get to do a lot of different events, I have worked at a wedding, a few prom’s, charity events, church lunches, school reunions and a steam train. The company have a contract with a rail line that offer dinners, murder mystery evenings which require food which is where we come in.

Anyway, the event I worked at today (Sunday 4-7-16) gave me the inspiration to write this post. I get to work in so many different environments, I interact with a lot of different people and I meet new people that have joined the waitressing team. Which means I have gained a lot of skills and traits which I wouldn’t have learnt if I didn’t put my CV in.

Today I served a 40th wedding anniversary. It was stunning. There were red and white ribbons, rose petals, diamonds, fairy lights. It was truly beautiful and the building inside especially the staircase, I was amazed at the beauty that my eyes saw. I immediately said to myself that I need to get a picture of the staircase as my mum is obsessed with them, and I did right at the end of the event.

It just got me thinking that I am lucky that I get to do all these things, I get to experience events that I wouldn’t go to, I have learnt skills that I never knew existed, like “Silver Serving” which is the art of transferring food (different types of veg, meat, potatoes and bread) from one place (oven tray, basket or turine) to another (preferably the dinner plate) by using a spoon and a fork in your dominant hand.

Yes, it sounds difficult but once you master the skill you are a little bit more unique than those around you, unless you work with people who have to do it for their job then you are on par, but it’s a skill you can blab about.

Working has taught me many things like team work, organisation, punctuality, responsibility, it has taught me that working for money feels and is a lot better than asking your parents for it and getting to know that you can buy things with your own money is amazing. It has also taught me how to manage my money better, and I am no saint, I have spent and can happily spend £200 in a week on shoes and clothes. But, working has helped me put a reign on my spending habbits as I only earn a certain amount so ican only spend a certain amount.

My point is that work may seem like a pain, and it is a huge one in your ass, but what you learn from the job whether it be good or bad, it teaches you in a way that you don’t think is possible. You may learn that you hate jobs like that so you know in the future not to apply for a job like that again, you learn things that may transfer to your next job and of course the major plus is the money that you put in your pocket.

So life advice: Get a job. You will so much better about money and the fact that you are getting out of the house. Working makes my life a little less boring.

Katy Nella xoxo