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I am Katy Nella Morgan, I am a twenty year old British girl who has wanted to be become an actor, blogger, vlogger and YouTuber. Original I know! img_5477

I am currently studying Journalism, and want to do something in the journalism industry. I would love to write, interview and the main thing is that I want to change and help the world with what I write or produce.

I would like to do more broadcast however, I am pretty shy, so thats why I am pushing myself to do YouTube.

Anyway here is my space on the big ole’ tinternet 🙂

Comment, interact, and hopefully you will love my posts!

With Love

Katy Nella xoxo

Here are my social media links:

Instagram: @katynells

Twitter: @_KatyMorgan

Snapchat: katymorgan07

YouTube: Katy Morgan

Vine – @_KatyMorgan
Pinterest – katynells
Bloglovin’ – Katy Morgan
Email – officialkatynella@hotmail.com

“I am just travelling down my own path, filling my journey with mystery, adventure and a happiness.”

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