A letter to my Nanna and Grandad

Thank you for being the best Nanna and Grandad a girl could ever have.

Thank you. Thank you for taking us out on day trips, to castles, on holiday and when we are on holiday, thank you for waking us and making us walk to places, and visit different attractions.  For making me laugh, for letting me paint the walls in the hall, you always helped bring out my creativity especially when Grandad let me take his camera and take 20 random pictures of the same tree. For letting us decorate your Christmas tree and then letting us eat all the candy canes.

Thank you for giving me my addiction to tea, you would always have a pot of tea waiting for us when we visit and you would always make sure there were our favourite pizzas in for when we stayed for tea and then in the morning you would always make us sausage butties, nothing compares to Nanna’s sausage butties.

Thank you for getting me into crime dramas, we would always watch NCIS, and Grandad would always record and let us watch Winx Club. Thank you for nurturing my love history. You gave me my love for Carry On films, whenever I watch one I just think of you two, especially when I listen to the Beach Boys, I just think of you two singing Surfin USA sitting in the front of Nanna’s car.

Thank you for showing me what love looks like. I see you two so in love and it makes me really happy.

Thank you for reminding me to put suncream on.

Thank you for being tough on me, I never want to let you down. When I found out I got a first it was when we were in Barbados, that you took us to, so thank you for that, but I remember I told you Nanna, and you nearly burst into tears.

Thank you for keeping me humble, making me appreciate Manchester, I am proud to be from Manchester and I am proud to be your granddaughter.

Thank you for giving me my love and interest in photography, you would always buy me a camera, and Grandad would help me with shots, and show us the pictures he took from the many trips you have been on.

Thank you for always getting us prezzies from your travels. Thank you for not thinking I am weird for when I ate the raw potato skin when we peeled them.

Lucy wants to say thank you for always being there, for taking us to appointments, for picking her up from school, driving from Manchester to Rochdale, just to make sure she got home.

Amy wants to say thank for going above and beyond, she once mentioned she liked Twilight then you got her a lot of Twilight things.

Thank you for coming to our shows, for always being our supporters, for being our number 1 fans, for being proud of us.

I will always remember going to your office Nanna, and walking with you on your route with you Grandad when you were a postman, I will remember the Sainsbury’s shops and walks in the park when we fed the ducks.

Even though we don’t speak often we know you will always be there. We love you Nanna and Grandad. Thank you for being the best grandparents 3 girls could ask for.


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