Breaking my type

First of all I want to say that I am going through something and I am on a journey, that has taken me through alot and I am learning things about myself everyday. I am learning new things everyday and I am understanding alot more about myself and the world around me. I will write a post about this on Sunday or Monday as I am busy this weekend, this post will be a little more spiritual and more honest and open, so look out for that.

But this post is about an epiphany I have had over the past few months, especially in the past few weeks.

What is a type? And why are we all stuck on “our type”?

By definition ‘type’ is ‘a person or thing exemplifying the ideal or defining characteristics of something.’ We all have our ‘types’, our likes and dislikes but when we live our life by just limiting ourselves to just our ‘type’ we miss out on a lot of experiences and we never step outside of the box that ourselves and society has put us in.

The adventure starts when we step out of our predetermined box. Our ‘type’ is the person we want as a partner; their hair colour, eye colour, breast size, dick size, do they have muscles, are they the race you’re attracted to, do they read philosophy books, are they rich? It’s the films we watch; is it a comedy, sci-fi, horror, western, war, thriller, anime? It’s the food we eat, the ‘type’ of takeaway we order, it’s the books we always read, tv shows we always watch on repeat, the games we play, the exercises we do.

We limit ourselves to only interact with what we know we will already like. I saw a tweet that said anxious people re watch the same shows cause they know whats going to happen, and I think its true. I never watch a new film cause I am anxious about whats gonna happen. I am a very jumpy person anything can scare me, so I stick to what I know.

When we don’t step outside and experience something new we are depriving ourselves the chance to learn, grow and experiment in our lives.

Our ‘normal’ changes. Our ‘type’ changes. In highschool I really was into blonde hair and blue eyes, my first partner had those features. My current partner has brown hair and brown eyes, and most of the celebrities I fancy have brown hair and brown eyes, but since I am growing wiser, I wouldn’t limit myself to just one hair colour, unlike many people, who would just stick to their type. I am not judging them, just maybe experiment a little bit, go for something different.

I have always stuck to my ‘type’, I have always stayed inside the box that I have put myself in. I only wear leggings and jumpers, I don’t experiment with my style, I only play games I know I good at, I only eat foods I know I like because I have a fear of throwing up, I only watch films I relatively know i’ll like.

But in the past few months I have grown out and tried different films, foods, styles. I have a few horror films, which I would never do cause I hate scary things, but I denied myself a part of cinema, which is annoying cause I love all things film. I went to brunch a few days ago and I wore a dress and heels, which I would never wear, I broke my style type. I was walking down the street and people were staring as it was 1:30pm, but I didn’t care I felt good.

The point is that we need to try and break out of our box and when we do our lives are limitless.

KatyNella xoxo



A letter to my Aunty and Uncle

First of all, I want to thank you for sharing your wealth and making sure we are looked after.

Thank you for teaching me how to iron, it’s a weird thing to thank you for but you taught me something I will always remember and have to do in my life.

Thank you for always being there whenever we need you, looking after us when we have had operations, visiting us when we have, travelling down to spend a Friday night with us, having a takeaway.

Thank you for buying us clothes, and trying to give us fashion sense, I know I didn’t adopt it but I know Amy and Lucy did.

Thank you for being the funniest Aunty ever, especially when drunk, whenever we are out in public and you’ve had a drink you will always laugh loudly, and it makes me realise I shouldn’t care if people are looking if I am having fun that is all that matters.

Thank you for showing us what it means to live your life, you go on fancy trips and take us places I never in a million years thought I would go, so thank you.

Thank you for showing me how to be drunk. I don’t think I have once seen you cry drunk Aunty Linda unless it was with laughter. You always get up and dance, you always smile and laugh, and this is after you have had two glasses.

Thank you, Uncle David, for giving us challenging political debates, we don’t agree on many things, but we talk and discuss it, sometimes.

Thank you for giving me my love of the supernatural Aunty Linda. You and mum got me into Charmed, and thank you for creating our own bedtime stories. You bought us these cute, bedazzled pink ballerina slippers, and whenever we wore them we thought we were magic. You created a world for us, a tree that was next to your old house, that was full with tint doors, each with a different world in them, and every night we were at yours we would visit a different door, from the fairy palace to the jellybean world and MoonMoss. Thank you for giving us our imagination.

Thank you for teaching us how not to park, I am joking, but thank you for taking us places, like the safari park and the maze.

Thank you for giving me one of my favourite memories, you were screaming in terror, but it was the funniest thing ever. We were on the chair swing at Alton Towers and safe to say you did not like it, one bit but you made me laugh like you always do.

Thank you for not turning my ideas down, or making it seem like my aspirations are too big and pointless. Whenever I told mum that I wanted a camper van, she would laugh and say okay, in way that said I would never get it, but when I told you, you nodded and said okay, we can see what we can do, I remember I even pitched to Uncle David about why he should buy me the car.

Thank you, Uncle David, for teaching us to work hard, and that family is everything. You worked for a company and then one day you were the boss. It makes me proud, and happy that I am your niece because you have taught me with sheer hard work, determination and with the right people by your side you can do anything. I think this is the reason why I aim so high and have big aspirations because if my Uncle David did it, I can too.

Thank you for always taking us on shopping trips, and buying a lot of arts and crafts so we spent hours just glueing glitter on paper. Thank you for giving me a life that I never thought I would have.  For teaching me how to grow sunflowers, every summer holiday I would come and stay at yours for a week and I was so excited to spend time with my favourite Aunty and Uncle.

When I am older I want to be just as giving as you two have been.

I am so lucky to have you two in my life and I am grateful for everything you have given me. Thank you for being the best Aunty and Uncle a niece could ask for.


A letter to my Nanna and Grandad

Thank you for being the best Nanna and Grandad a girl could ever have.

Thank you. Thank you for taking us out on day trips, to castles, on holiday and when we are on holiday, thank you for waking us and making us walk to places, and visit different attractions.  For making me laugh, for letting me paint the walls in the hall, you always helped bring out my creativity especially when Grandad let me take his camera and take 20 random pictures of the same tree. For letting us decorate your Christmas tree and then letting us eat all the candy canes.

Thank you for giving me my addiction to tea, you would always have a pot of tea waiting for us when we visit and you would always make sure there were our favourite pizzas in for when we stayed for tea and then in the morning you would always make us sausage butties, nothing compares to Nanna’s sausage butties.

Thank you for getting me into crime dramas, we would always watch NCIS, and Grandad would always record and let us watch Winx Club. Thank you for nurturing my love history. You gave me my love for Carry On films, whenever I watch one I just think of you two, especially when I listen to the Beach Boys, I just think of you two singing Surfin USA sitting in the front of Nanna’s car.

Thank you for showing me what love looks like. I see you two so in love and it makes me really happy.

Thank you for reminding me to put suncream on.

Thank you for being tough on me, I never want to let you down. When I found out I got a first it was when we were in Barbados, that you took us to, so thank you for that, but I remember I told you Nanna, and you nearly burst into tears.

Thank you for keeping me humble, making me appreciate Manchester, I am proud to be from Manchester and I am proud to be your granddaughter.

Thank you for giving me my love and interest in photography, you would always buy me a camera, and Grandad would help me with shots, and show us the pictures he took from the many trips you have been on.

Thank you for always getting us prezzies from your travels. Thank you for not thinking I am weird for when I ate the raw potato skin when we peeled them.

Lucy wants to say thank you for always being there, for taking us to appointments, for picking her up from school, driving from Manchester to Rochdale, just to make sure she got home.

Amy wants to say thank for going above and beyond, she once mentioned she liked Twilight then you got her a lot of Twilight things.

Thank you for coming to our shows, for always being our supporters, for being our number 1 fans, for being proud of us.

I will always remember going to your office Nanna, and walking with you on your route with you Grandad when you were a postman, I will remember the Sainsbury’s shops and walks in the park when we fed the ducks.

Even though we don’t speak often we know you will always be there. We love you Nanna and Grandad. Thank you for being the best grandparents 3 girls could ask for.

A letter to my sisters

First of all, I want to apologise for how much of shitty big sister I have been in the past, I have been mean, angry, I have made you cry and I have really been awful.

I don’t know why, but I must have taken out my anger on you too and that wasn’t right and I shouldn’t have done that.

You two have taught me what unconditional love means, even when we fight, five minutes later we will talk and it’s like the argument never happened and we still love each other.

You have kept me young at heart. I would play dress-up with you, watch your shows with you, I must have watched so much Dora the Explorer cause you loved it, Lucy. You are 3 and 5 years younger than me, so whenever we spent time with each other, it would be what you want to play, so we would play mermaids, thinking we were Cleo, Emma and Rickey from H20, making our way to Mako island. To be honest, I loved it, because I didn’t grow up quickly.

Together we have been spies like Clover, Alex and Sam, we have done our own ANTM photoshoots, we have started our own fashion line out of old kitchen towels, and we would sew them together in our little shed in the back garden. We have created our own music videos, and documentaries from all the castles we have visited.

We have been faeries, explorers, adventurers, Jedi’s, superheroes, hairdressers, been each others judge when we have baked and sung, We have had dance battles, catwalk shows, sleepovers where we don’t fall asleep till 4 in the morning.  We have had many midnight illegal game nights playing Mario on our Nintendo DS’. We have been each other’s storyteller, I have been your tooth fairy when mum was too tired to remember.

We have been each other’s rocks and shoulders to cry on. You have been my comedians, therapists, you have been my enemies.

But most of all we have been each other’s hype men and biggest supporters.

I’ve seen you at your worst as you have seen me at mine. We have all screamed at each other, made each other laugh till our stomach hurts, we have cried with each other and vented to each other.

We have scare competitions, we have our own language, we understand each other. We have even been each other’s saviours and communicators where we had to tell people what Lucy wanted when she was younger because she couldn’t speak properly, but we always knew what she meant.

I will always cherish the moments I have had and will have with you two. You both are my best friend, and I just want you both to know that you two will always be in my heart, I will always love, support and protect you will all my being, no matter what.

I am immensely proud of both of the women you have started to become. You will both have me in your corner to the ends of the earth and back.

I love you, Amy.

I love you, Lucy.

I mean I must love you both to have my first tattoo to be about you two.


Why am I so lazy? Why do I feel like a failure?

“I don’t know” is the statement I always come back to.

That is the answer to my life at the minute.

The way I feel most of the time, is lazy, unmotivated and disorganised. These feelings are in my mind, I know that, but it is difficult fighting these feelings.

There is a mixture of things that have happened that could have put to me being lazy now in my everyday life. One is my mum being OCD when I was younger. My mum, always cleaned, if we just had a biscuit and there was one crumb on the floor, she would hoover. There wasn’t a time she would stop and relax. Every week she would do a deep clean cleaning the skirting boards and whatnot.

Because she did this all the time, I think subconsciously I thought “my mum will clean it up” so I never really did anything when I was younger, I would only do chores when I was offered money. This behaviour has grown up with me into my adult life. My room at uni would be so messy and dirty because I didn’t want to tidy it, I just didn’t want to waste my energy when I could just lie in bed and watch a film.

Even now with my own flat, I have to plan what I am going to do to clean it. I have to find energy to clean the flat I live in. I don’t have habits in my life, I leave dishes in the sink, even when the dishwasher is empty, I leave clothes on the kitchen top when they have finished drying cause I can’t be arsed to fold and put them away.

I have lived a very privileged life where my mum has done everything for me, and it is going to take a lot to break down this and escape this mentality that I have had for the past 22 years, to get out of thinking I have the safety net that ‘my mum will just do it.’

So, why am I lazy? I was a very active child. I was apart of many after school activities, I did ballet, dance, karate, jujitsu, judo, I swam a lot, I was in my primary school football team, I was in my high school’s netball team, I did badminton after school, I would go to the community gym, I would do mini-workout routines nearly every day when I was in highshcool, I would walk home every day from high school and that took an hour, I was in many theatre productions in high school, I would ride my bike and go for walks to the local nature reserve, I did violin and piano, I was in my uni’s hockey team, so why am I lazy now?

Where did this get up and go attitude go? All of the activities I just mentioned, I quit. I stopped doing them. Is this the reason why I feel like a failure, and why I feel like I can never finish anything because everything I have done I have quit?

I can always blame outside forces for making me lazy and why I quit certain things. I had my back done so I couldn’t do sport for a year – this is why I quit swimming, I had a weird piano teacher, that’s why I quit piano, I wasn’t getting good at violin, that’s why I quit violin, my dad went on duty a lot, that’s why I quit jujitsu and karate, I wasn’t good at football or netball and I didn’t want to embarrass myself, so I quit.

The reality I need to face is that I quit and I am lazy because of my own doing, it is not the world or the universes fault as to why I quit so many things, it is the insecurities and my own my mind that defeated me. It is my own doing.

This is why I am not doing my blog, youtube or twitch. I don’t see them growing, and I think that I am not doing something right or I think that there is no point in doing them because it won’t go anywhere, so I stop them when they are still in the baby stage, I don’t put my all or effort into projects or hobbies because I don’t want to waste my energy on something that I think will fail. I don’t want to have wasted my time when something has failed.

I don’t want to see something that I was so passionate about be shit and seem like it was pointless. I don’t want to be embarrassed, I feel like I don’t put my all in because I don’t want to be judged by people, this is why I am jealous of people who put all into their passions, because I feel like when I am putting my all in people are talking about me and how ugly I am, or how shit the things I am doing are. I don’t want to be perceived as a loser for putting all into what I like, or discussing things I like, I don’t like being judged.

This is what I mean when I say I feel like and I know it is my own insecurities stopping me. Or is it just simply that I am a lazy shit?

How do I get out of this mindset? I am trying to create habits that help me with everything I have just mentioned. I am going to write a post about the habits I am going to try and implement into my life.

This article talks about why laziness is a myth. It says that laziness is a myth and people actually have a fear of failure and success, as well as other points. But I feel that I actually have these fears when I actually deep it.

I don’t like failing so I stop doing something and putting my all into it because I don’t want to fail – this is why I missed my first-year law exam, as I failed my A-Level exam and I didn’t want to fail it again, so I didn’t revise or even show up for the exam. On the flip side, I don’t want to succeed as I don’t like attention and I don’t want people to think I am a ‘nerd’ or a ‘loser’ for doing well or taking pride in something that I like or am doing, therefore I don’t put the effort in so it’s a mediocre finish and it is just average.

I am stuck in the middle, I am in purgatory. How do I stop feeling this way? If you have any comments or suggestions on what I can do then please leave them in the comments, do you feel this way, if so then please let me know? I might do another post about this topic in a few weeks, discussing more and what I am doing to try and stop it.

This is the first time, writing this post, that I have actually realised that there is actually problem and by just writing I have let my subconscious thoughts come out and it has been therapy for me. Most of these things I haven’t wrote in my notes and, weirdly I have something to finally think about and work on.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

KatyNella xoxo

Lockdown Lowdown; My Thoughts

What has been happening to us all is weird. This has never happened in our lifetime, it is a worldwide crisis, a pandemic, unchartered territory for all of us, so what are we suppose to think, do and say?

My thoughts are all over the place, I am constantly putting my mind in overdrive by thinking, what the fuck am I supposed to do? Do I be productive and do stuff that I haven’t been able to do before, or should I just use this time to chill and stay in bed and watch Netflix?

The latter, I have always done, so you would think that I would start working out, start writing my blog, filming videos or learning something different, but the reality is that I have just been waking up at 3pm, watching the same old stuff over and over again then repeating the cycle the next day.

I feel obligated to use this time to change my life, start something new, be productive and I feel shit when I don’t. I feel shit because other people are making use of their time, but I shouldn’t feel that way. Everyone will go through different things and emotions, maybe this is my way of coping?

Should I or Shan’t I? Is the question, there is not many weeks of lockdown left and I feel like I have failed myself by not making the changes I want, so where do we go from here? I am going to start a series on my blog called “Lockdown Lowdown” and I am going to try and be more productive and write about everything I have achieved or tried to.

I will be putting up a list in the next few days of things I want to do in the lockdown, and if you want you can come along this journey with me, but don’t feel obliged to do anything.

For the past few years, I have always felt in a slump, I feel like I am nowhere near the person I want to be, nowhere near the things I want to do and experience and I have no knowledge to get out of this slump, but this lockdown is the chance to research, read and learn how to.

I want to become the person that I can be proud of and I am nowhere near that person.

This is it for now, so hopefully I will continue this, unlike many things I have quit in the past.

Stay safe and stay home!

KatyNella xo

2020 New Year Resolutions

4 months too late, but here it is! This will also be what I want to achieve this year.


  1. Lose weight/tone up
  2. Become more motivated
  3. Become less lazy
  4. Become a better person

There are the basic resolutions. But what I want to achieve. (These are here so I can check at the end of the year if I have completed anything)

  1. See my friends more – I feel like I am a horrible friend, I don’t reach out to them enough and see them enough, so once this quarantine has ended, I want to see them a lot, cause I love them and miss them. This is defo the main priority on the list.
  2. Read more books – At least 50! I have so many books on my shelf that I haven’t read, so I need to.
  3. Learn more history – More about mythology, I am obsessed and I want to learn a lot about every countries mythos.
  4. Learn about Wicca – I am interested in the idea of Wicca and Wiccans. If I resonate with it, I want to become a practicing Wiccan, it just seems a lot and I have no one, no coven or anything and again I am lazy so, I don’t think I’d make a great one.
  5. Learn astrology – This comes with want to become more spiritual. My friends, especially Fin and Erryn are super into it, and they reignited the passion in me for astrology. They know about retrograde and shit, and I want to know about it and again just learn.
  6. A toned body – I want to look in a mirror and not hate what I see.
  7. Create healthier habits – Eating wise, mental wise, and just get into habits.
  8. Post on this blog, post on both my YouTube channels more, stream on my Twitch, create content for my blogging Instagram which is @katynellamorgan.
  9. Learn a language
  11. Start writing more profile pieces – To build up my portfolio and to refine my writing skills.
  12. Get into a Journalism ish sort of job.
  13. Do courses, learn skills.
  14. Learn to be more motivated.
  15. Become more confident.
  16. Be less boring.
  17. Become more ethical  – waste less plastic etc.
  18. Maybe start a podcast?

Anyway, I think that’s everything, apart from monetize the blog, but I don’t get enough hits hahaha.

Katy Nella x

My Decade recap

Okay, so a lot has happened to me this decade, so I guess I am going to look back and just reflect on the lessons I have learned.

2010 – The year it started

This year I think I got diagnosed with having Idiopathic Scoliosis, and this means that there were two curves in my spine. The top one was 54 degrees and the bottom curve was 65 degrees. This lead to a lot of x-rays, blood tests and it was awful. I have a fear of needles, a deep-rooted fear, and I had to go through therapy, I know now it as cognitive behavioral therapy (if I remember my A-Levels correct) and this is where they spoke to me about needles, then they would show me pictures then eventually to have the blood drawn out.

It was about 10 weeks of therapy sessions, an hour away from where I lived, just to get one vial of blood. I was that scared and anxious, but I am thankful for the nurse and my mum for having the patience with me. In the end, I got to keep a Justin Bieber annual so I guess that was good.

Scoliosis affected me a lot growing up, I was meant to only have a back brace, but because the angles of the curves were significant they had to operate, so I now have two metal rods down my spine with 36 metal pins going along the rods. I couldn’t get a proper breath, I kept yawning because my brain wasn’t getting enough oxygen, cause my lungs were being crushed by my ribs. I loved doing gymnastics when I was younger, and in PE we always did the crab, and I couldn’t do it and that’s when I knew I wouldn’t be “normal” I guess you could say.


This was the start of GCSE’s. One of the most stressful years of my life. I wanted to do GCSE PE, but couldn’t and that was gutting, so I chose French, bad choice. Anyway, I was good with exams, for the most part, I revised a lot and it was a good year. I can’t really remember much from these years as they were ten years ago hahaha.

2012 – When shit hit the fan

This was the year of my op, my final year 10 exams, my DofE exhibitions, my history trip to America, my mum’s wedding. This year was busy. I had to have my op on the 28th of May, after my American trip and Exhibition, because that’s the last time I could have so I could still go on holiday with my Nanna and Grandad, as I couldn’t fly for 3 months.

I will start with the America trip. We went to New York and Washington DC as we were studying American History for our GCSE. It was a good trip, apart from I fell out with my best friends at the time, Sophie and Catharine, I mean we have fell out a lot over our friendship and I guess that’s one thing I regret, because we aren’t as close now, but they will always be girls <3, anyway we made up and then went home.

We then had our DofE, and that was great I loved it, it was so much fun. I guess I loved it because it would be the last time I could walk like that and spend time with my friends for a while.

I then had my op. This operation was a big one and one of the biggest I have ever had. They had to straighten my spine. I have so many complications since the surgery. My feet are always cold, so I have to wear socks, there is a space on the right-hand side of my back that has no feeling. I feel pressure and it hurts when something slightly touches it, but it’s weird I cant actually feel touch, and slouching, cracking my back, bending it, flexibility that’s all ut of the window.

Apart from the physical aftermath, my mental health took a turn for the worst, and I don’t think it has really changed since this moment. I had to have 6 weeks of school. I didn’t have a social life, I didn’t see my friends, my mum had to everything for me cause I couldn’t use my back. I couldn’t sit up for more than an hour, I couldn’t sit on the toilet by myself. It was degrading being a 14 year old and having to have your mother do everything, and I am so thankful she did. I felt worthless, lonely and I was really out of it.

I then had my holiday with my Nanna and Grandad, and all I can really remember from it is that I had to have my scar covered, or else I would have a tan line all the way down my spine. Anyway the sun had set and we were still in the pool, and I went in, with just my bikini top on, scar on full show, and a mother and her daughter just stared at me. And I knew they were because when I walked away they were just staring at me.

Just a tip, please don’t stare it made me feel really subconscious. It was then my Mum’s wedding, and that was great. I also made prefect for my final year. And then nothing really happened the rest of the year.

2013 – The year of Love and Heartbreak

This year I finished high school, I finished my GCSE’s, after stressing so much, I came out with 3A’s, 5B’s, 4C’s and 1D. I also got my first ever boyfriend, this year. I learned a lot about myself, love and it was a year of learning for me. This is also the year I had my first heartbreak. I don’t really want to go into it, but I learned how to love another, but also love yourself and I would continue this for the next 3 years, just learning about the world, experiencing the world and that experience has shaped me into the woman I am today.

This year I also went to college. I only had a few friends, in fact, I only had about 5. I would often spend my lunch breaks eating by myself, or studying in the library. I enjoyed this time alone, cause it felt liberating to just sit and enjoy time with myself, I got to enjoy my own company. Plus there was no one to judge my disgusting eating habits.


Nothing really happened this year really, apart from me completing my AS Levels, a few college parties and that’s it. And maybe that I went into a serious mental block, ended up ditching college and I failed my A-Levels and I couldn’t get into Exeter. I felt that if I didn’t get into a Russel Group uni like my friends did that I was stupid, and I guess I just wished I realised that it didn’t matter, I just wanted to be smart like them you know? I also ended up going to therapy for my anger issues and low mood. I have also had an anger problem my whole life, I have always been impulsively smashing shit, saying horrible stuff and it needed to change. This is the year I actually started my blog, one day when I missed college, so every cloud.

2015 – The year it changed.

I left college, not getting into the uni I wanted, so I ended up going to UCLAN doing Journalism through Clearing. If this didn’t happen I wouldn’t have met my best friends. I am so grateful to have them in my life, they are all the most amazing people and I really hope that they stay in my life for a very long time. I also have met my soulmate. The man I want to marry, that has stayed with me through my really crazy moments and I am glad.


I am just going to merge these years together. My uni years, some of the best years of my life to date. I have cried, laughed, puked, screamed, even pissed myself a few times drunk, but I would not have changed it for the world. I created great stories. Learned a lot. I spent a lot, in my overdraft 90% of the time. Cried either whilst drunk, sad, in a dramatic meltdown. I have volunteered my hours. I have proven to myself that I can do anything as I got A FIRST CLASS HONOURS DEGREE! I went to my first festival. I have changed my hair from brown to red to ginger to red to short to long to blue to brown too then really short, pixie cut short as I had a meltdown drunk and cut my hair, then donating that hair, to growing it out to what it is now. I have done a lot these past few years and I am so happy for every minute. And in these years my mental health has fluctuated a lot. It stopped me from attending one first-year exam, because I had really bad exam anxiety, it put a strain on my friendships as I would (and still do sometimes) wonder if they were really my friends, I would tell myself I look fat, and I am stupid so I would fail exams, I was and still am my own saboteur, and one day I will write about my ‘health’ but for now let’s just concentrate on this post and these words.

The past ten years have been a weird, wild ride. I feel like I have experienced so much, I have learned and grew. But there is still much to learn and I can’t wait to see where the next 10 years take me. I am in the driver’s seat and I know some crazy shit is gonna happen but I am excited to see where this road takes me.

What has been the highlight of your decade?


Katy Nella x

Weekly Recap #1

6th March 2020 – 26th March 2020

Oh lord. This week started off with a bang. So the 8th of March was my mothers 48th birthday, and we went to the pub I work at. I ended up having multiple double gins and lemonade, this was a bad idea. I ended up getting very drunk, and since I hadn’t eaten all day since I was working, I got drunk very quickly.

I threw up all over my duvet, the walls, the floor everywhere. And not only that, I blacked out. I woke up to find the shower door was off and I have no idea how drunk me got the shower door of the wheels and basically broke my shower, and not only that there is a sewer smell coming from my shower, so this is just brilliant and fantastic.

This makes me wonder should I stop drinking?


Also my prints from this artist called Lena Galore, arrived this week and I can’t wait to put them up on my walls!


I have wrote a few blog posts on the 10th, I am trying to get everything sorted, and trying to get my schedule done and get into a routine but when you’re a lazy fuck like me and you have no motivation it’s difficult.

After months of procrastinating I have finally set up my strip lights on my desk, and everything looks cute af.


My skin is really bad on my hands at the moment, and I am getting quite self-conscious with it, especially when I am at work and I have to serve plates to the customers and my skin is all dry and chapped. I am currently typing this with gloves on and a lot of emollient one to try and moisturise my skin.

So the Corona Virus has wreacked? havoc and has kind of put my life on hold like so many other people. This virus is ruining lives and it honestly feels like we are in a movie.  I have had plans been canceled, we have to live in quarantine, I am now in the retention scheme so the company I work for can give me 80% of my wage, which is a blessing because so many people have lost their jobs. I am just thankful for the people who are in the NHS, delivery workers, people that work in food retail, they are working round the clock because so many people are in need of their help. My mum is one of the people on the ‘front-line’ so to speak, as she is specialised in respiratory, and Covid-19 is a respiratory virus she will need to be more at the hospital. In her hospital, there are already positive cases being patients and professionals. She is at risk as she has Asthma.

Thank you to the numerous people who are risking their lives for others, we wouldn’t be able to cope without you.

My 2019 recap!

A bit late but better late then never!

There will be a few of these posts in the next few weeks fyi.

So my 2019 was very mad, and there is a lot that is going wrong so I just want to focus on the positives of what happened to me last year and to just reflect on how my life went.

First thing I have to mention is that I graduated with a FIRST CLASS DEGREE. I am super proud of myself for getting to the end of my degree. There were so many ups and downs during the course, so many times I wanted to quit, didn’t feel like I belonged on the course, so many mental breakdowns and times questioning what the fuck am I doing with my life, but it was all worth it. I thought I would be walking away with a 2:2 or even a 2:1, but to get a 1st, really shocked me and it just showed me that I can achieve what I want when  I put my mind to it.


Me in my cap and gown!

I got nominated and shortlisted for a BJTC Award. This organisation is very big in the journalism industry and to be nominated for a piece of work I did at uni and to be shortlisted for the final!? It was a shock, I didn’t know I was put for it, and I never did any of my work for any awards, I just wanted to get them over and done with. The fact that my work and ideas, were award worthy, gives me so much satisfaction that I am on the right path and I can be a journalist.

I know this isn’t big but this year I stayed in a tent at a festival. Seeing this is what I want to do, it was amazing to live a dream of staying at a festival with my best mates having the times of our lives.

I got a part time job at the beginning of the year, and a full time one at the end of the year. This allowed me to get out of my overdraft and save up and buy my computer and set up. I am extremely happy that I got to do it myself. I finally have a computer to game and stream on, that I have wanted for the past four years, so this is finally a dream come true.

I got my own pets. I have two kittens which I pay for. It has given me an extra level of maturity as I have to look after these two creatures apart from myself.

I earned my university’s gold Livesey Award. Which means over my fours years at university I volunteered 90 hours of my time. I had my own radio show for three years, which I planned, hosted and it was fun. From this I became the Head of PR for the student radio for a year. I also did crafts with children in the local museum, as well as make cards for a local charity. I went to a Wild Boar Park to help the rangers clean and feed the animals, I held a ferret, that was fun.

My nanna and grandad took me and my sisters to Barbados. I got body confidence here, I ate food that I wouldn’t normally eat, as I am a picky eater this was difficult but I want to experience different cultures and countries food, so this trip really helped me becoming less picky.  I have always wanted to go and this has just started the travelling bug, I want to experience many cultures and the world, whilst we still have it.

I started streaming! Which is amazing, my Twitch is KatyNellsxoxo if you wanna go follow. It has been a dream of mine for donkeys years.

And finally I just want to honour a man that we lost in December. I would call him my uncle, much like I would call Kelly my aunt. One of my mums best friends, and we would become close with their children. Most of my childhood we hung out, creating plays that would make fun of the parents and they would be drunk and laugh and it would be a great time. So many sleepovers, picnics, trips to the pub, takeaways on Friday. I never thought that my childhood memories of you would now stay memories. It is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that I now have to say heaven has gained an angel. Rest In Peace and I will never forget you farting on me Uncle Mark, or the love you and Kelly shared.

I am excited for what 2020 will bring, and the experiences that it will offer me.

What was your biggest achievement of 2019?

KatyNells xoxo