AM – Arctic Monkeys

When I was in high school I used to only listen to rap and Dizzee Rascal. My friends would constantly have this band on at party’s and I actually started to like them. Arctic Monkeys are the band that broke me into a different world of music.

The vocals along with the guitar, drums and bass really give the lyrics meaning. This album along with ‘Florescent Adolescent’ are some of my favourite songs ever.

On this album in particular I love ‘R U Mine?’ ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ And ‘Arabella’. The whole album has different contrasts and styles of the genre (indie-rock) and it combines different harmonies and emotions into each song.

Listening to this album just makes me feel happy, whatever mood I am in and I just relax my mind and let the lyrics transport me to whatever mood the song makes me feel.

My rating – 5 Stars

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Life of Pablo – Kanye West

Kanye West is one of the most controversial rappers of this generation and this album isn’t different, in fact the song ‘Famous’ has cause quite a controversy with some of the lyrics about Taylor Swift. This is album has been long awaited by his fans however the album is somewhat disappointing as its not his best.

I like some of Kanyes older songs such as ‘Stronger’, ‘Black Skinhead’ and ‘Mercy’ but the song ‘Wolves’ I believe is the best on the album and is on par with his best songs that he has released.

The album has different beats and styles which I found suprising as it doesn’t fit with his previous albums but it does fit with his current image as he is out there in his fashion line and announcement to run for presidency for the US in 2020.

This is not an album I would listen too normally however I would have ‘Wolves’ on constant repeat. His songs are merged together they aren’t really distinguishable which makes this album difficult to listen too as listening to the same style/beat over and over isn’t really great ‘craftsmen ship’ in this ‘art’.

My rating 3 stars.

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Helplessness Blues – Fleet Foxes

This is the newest album from the Fleet Foxes, it was released in 2011. I started to listen to this band when I put an indie playlist on shuffle on Spotify and as soon as I heard the harmonies and the calming sound of this band I immediately fell in love with them. My listening of them is just but a happy accident.

One of my favourite songs of theirs isn’t on this album but on the previous one ‘Fleet Foxes (Deluxe Edition). It is called ‘Mykonos’, this song is just so relaxing, but enough about this song lets talk about their recent album.

I love the fact that I can listen to this album what ever mood I am in. I can listen to it when I am sad, happy, angry, relaxing. It is their sound, the instruments, the vocals that just send me to a different place and make me think of different outlooks on life, whatever mood I am in. My favourite song on the album is ‘Bedouin Dress’ as there are a mixture of instruments that just complement each other and their unique sounds just go to together really well. I often imagine myself on a road-trip across the roads of America listening to their albums and my face just lights up at the thought.

My Rating – 4 Stars

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Broke with expensive taste -Azealia Banks

Rap is probably one of my favourite genres. Although, I find that it can be a little repetitive, each song, the lyrics are indifferent. They are either about sex, drugs and violence. However, I like the fact that Azealia Banks has a unique, different style of song and sound. It is very weird and gets some time to get used to, but when you do you can admire her creative artistry. This unique sound is shown in the video for her song ‘Atlantis’. As well as a unique sound she has statement music videos that are very eye-catching and have vivid imagery and bold fashion statements, like in her music video ‘Chasing Time’.

Her songs range from very fast, upbeat tempos to very slow almost dark beats. I like the range of tempos, instruments and beats on the album. Out of the songs on the album my favourites are ‘Ice Princess’, ‘Chasing Time’ and ‘Yung Rapuxel’. ‘Chasing Time’, for me, has a timeless beat and lyrics that people can relate to. I can relate to this song a lot as a single youngster in university, but I love the fact that I can dance to this song as well as have it as background noise when doing stuff. ‘Ice Princess’ sounds like a classical ballet tune, but then the bass is amplified, turning it in to  a great song to listen to. The chorus is very catchy and it is a good song, I feel, to get stuck in your head as it’s one that’s not annoying. It combines what this generation likes in a song. Bass, rap, singing and a catchy tune.
I love the fact that her album is consistent, as in terms of her style of sound.

My Rating – 3 Stars

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Badlands – Halsey

I have recently started listening to Halsey and I can say hand on my heart she has become one of my favourites. To me she reminds me of Melanie Martinez and Lana Del Rey, again two of my favourites, so it doesn’t come to my surprise that I like her because of her style of sound.

She has a unique voice and has unusual back track which matches her voice perfectly, in my opinion, which is why when I listen to her songs I am transported into my thoughts. I think about past experiences, people and things that I want to happen.

I constantly have her songs Gasoline and Control on repeat, I always sing them in the shower, because to me they are the best songs of the album. When I listen to Gasoline I interpret it as the person doesn’t fit into ‘main society’ as they feel ‘strange’ or ‘insane’ and I relate to this because I, myself believe I and my friends are weird and we don’t fit in to what categories that has been created by/for society but we don’t care because we love being like that. And Control is about having and succumbing to demons that we may have in our head, which again I can relate too as I suppose many people can as well because we all have hidden demons and we have all been through a dark time and this song represents that in such a beautiful way with the melodic beat and the lyrics that are sung.

When I listen to her songs I just stop and be one with myself. I dance, sing and think without a care. Her angelic sounds just take me to a place where I haven’t been for in while, only when I listen to Melanie or Lana.

My Rating – 4 and a half stars

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