Work got me like

So I have a part time job. I have had it since half way through my second year of college, and when I am home from uni they want me to work. So I earn money, go back to uni and spend it on the essentials; you know that Russian Standard Vodka? Anyway, this weekend they had me work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Safe to say that my feet hate me, but they can’t run away, since, you know they are attached to my body? No, not funny? I will just move on.

I work for a local catering company as a waitress. People hire them to cater for the event and I serve them the food. I like working for the company because I am not being a waitress in one place all the time like Pizza Hut, TGIF’S, Nandos etc I actually get to do a lot of different events, I have worked at a wedding, a few prom’s, charity events, church lunches, school reunions and a steam train. The company have a contract with a rail line that offer dinners, murder mystery evenings which require food which is where we come in.

Anyway, the event I worked at today (Sunday 4-7-16) gave me the inspiration to write this post. I get to work in so many different environments, I interact with a lot of different people and I meet new people that have joined the waitressing team. Which means I have gained a lot of skills and traits which I wouldn’t have learnt if I didn’t put my CV in.

Today I served a 40th wedding anniversary. It was stunning. There were red and white ribbons, rose petals, diamonds, fairy lights. It was truly beautiful and the building inside especially the staircase, I was amazed at the beauty that my eyes saw. I immediately said to myself that I need to get a picture of the staircase as my mum is obsessed with them, and I did right at the end of the event.

It just got me thinking that I am lucky that I get to do all these things, I get to experience events that I wouldn’t go to, I have learnt skills that I never knew existed, like “Silver Serving” which is the art of transferring food (different types of veg, meat, potatoes and bread) from one place (oven tray, basket or turine) to another (preferably the dinner plate) by using a spoon and a fork in your dominant hand.

Yes, it sounds difficult but once you master the skill you are a little bit more unique than those around you, unless you work with people who have to do it for their job then you are on par, but it’s a skill you can blab about.

Working has taught me many things like team work, organisation, punctuality, responsibility, it has taught me that working for money feels and is a lot better than asking your parents for it and getting to know that you can buy things with your own money is amazing. It has also taught me how to manage my money better, and I am no saint, I have spent and can happily spend £200 in a week on shoes and clothes. But, working has helped me put a reign on my spending habbits as I only earn a certain amount so ican only spend a certain amount.

My point is that work may seem like a pain, and it is a huge one in your ass, but what you learn from the job whether it be good or bad, it teaches you in a way that you don’t think is possible. You may learn that you hate jobs like that so you know in the future not to apply for a job like that again, you learn things that may transfer to your next job and of course the major plus is the money that you put in your pocket.

So life advice: Get a job. You will so much better about money and the fact that you are getting out of the house. Working makes my life a little less boring.

Katy Nella xoxo