100 films this year?

I saw someone on Twitter tweet that in 2019 they saw 100 films at the cinema. And I wanted to do this, this year. However, with the Corona Virus and quarantine and self-isolation, it would be easier and cheaper just to use Prime, Netflix, and DisneyPlus.

So here is a list of movies that I have watched for the first time in 2020. There won’t be anything more other than a list, it’s quite a pointless post but, it’s really just for me hahaha.

  1. Black Panther
  2. 10 Things I hate about you
  3. Hot Rod
  4. Birds of Prey
  5. Longshot
  6. The invention of lying
  7. Ghost Town
  8. Descendants 2
  9. Descendants 3
  10. Bad Hair Day
  11. The Incredible Hulk
  12. Now you see me
  13. Now you see me 2
  14. Secret obsession
  15. Knives Out
  16. Birds of Prey
  17. Like a Boss
  18. Wedding Crashers
  19. Get Hard
  20. Blockers
  21. Insidious
  22. Insidiou2: chapter 2
  23. Geralds Game
  24. 365 DNI (Days)
  25. Jusitce League
  26. Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
  27. Gravity
  28. Night School
  29. Jennifers Body
  30. The Conjuring
  31. A simple favour
  32. The Hustle
  33. Mulan – The remake
  34. Cabin in the Woods
  35. Devil
  36. Dinner for Schmucks
  37. Game Night
  38. Ocean’s 8
  39. Lawless
  40. 365 days

As you can tell I didnt watch 100 new films, I need to step my game up this year!

2020 New Year Resolutions

4 months too late, but here it is! This will also be what I want to achieve this year.


  1. Lose weight/tone up
  2. Become more motivated
  3. Become less lazy
  4. Become a better person

There are the basic resolutions. But what I want to achieve. (These are here so I can check at the end of the year if I have completed anything)

  1. See my friends more – I feel like I am a horrible friend, I don’t reach out to them enough and see them enough, so once this quarantine has ended, I want to see them a lot, cause I love them and miss them. This is defo the main priority on the list.
  2. Read more books – At least 50! I have so many books on my shelf that I haven’t read, so I need to.
  3. Learn more history – More about mythology, I am obsessed and I want to learn a lot about every countries mythos.
  4. Learn about Wicca – I am interested in the idea of Wicca and Wiccans. If I resonate with it, I want to become a practicing Wiccan, it just seems a lot and I have no one, no coven or anything and again I am lazy so, I don’t think I’d make a great one.
  5. Learn astrology – This comes with want to become more spiritual. My friends, especially Fin and Erryn are super into it, and they reignited the passion in me for astrology. They know about retrograde and shit, and I want to know about it and again just learn.
  6. A toned body – I want to look in a mirror and not hate what I see.
  7. Create healthier habits – Eating wise, mental wise, and just get into habits.
  8. Post on this blog, post on both my YouTube channels more, stream on my Twitch, create content for my blogging Instagram which is @katynellamorgan.
  9. Learn a language
  11. Start writing more profile pieces – To build up my portfolio and to refine my writing skills.
  12. Get into a Journalism ish sort of job.
  13. Do courses, learn skills.
  14. Learn to be more motivated.
  15. Become more confident.
  16. Be less boring.
  17. Become more ethical  – waste less plastic etc.
  18. Maybe start a podcast?

Anyway, I think that’s everything, apart from monetize the blog, but I don’t get enough hits hahaha.

Katy Nella x

Did I achieve my NYR?

Quick answer is no!

These were my NYR for 2019, lets recap and see if I did any of them

  • Become Healthier – Exercise, eat better food  Sort of 
  • Become Vegetarian/or Vegan Sort of
  • Learn a new skill every month No
  • Read more books No
  • Become more spiritual – Learn about the chakras, astrology, crystals etc No
  • Spend more time with my pets – Walk them more, play with them more Sort of 
  • Volunteer for a charity No
  • Find a full-time job YES
  • Save money – open a savings account No
  • See my friends more Sort of
  • Start yoga and meditation No
  • Get my drivers license Not even close
  • Visit and spend time with my Nanna and Grandad No
  • Take up opportunities No
  • Refine my photography skills No
  • Become a better me No
  • Find people who like the same music as me – this is just so I can listen to it with people who appreciate me Sadly Not
  • Stream more, create more videos, post more on my blog Not by a longshot 
  • Experience more eh
  • Go camping by myself Nope


Not surprised that I haven’t completed them, but I will incorporate them into my new, new years resolutions!

Did you complete yours?

KatyNells xoxo