Cheap Make Up – Is it worth it?

So I have wanted to get Jeffree Stars’ liquid lipsticks as well as Kylie Jenners’, but as I don’t have money to actually buy or pay for the delivery charge I decided to turn to cheap option in the UK. So I went on to and searched for some lipsticks and highlighters, to see what the hype of these products are. The overall price for my order was about £37 but that is because of all the promotional discounts .

I will be discussing my first impressions and how I feel about these products. So first of all I swatched the highlighters, three are from a brand called ‘MUA’ they were round £3 and with the ‘three for 2’ offer they were a little less. And the other is from ‘Revolution’ and that was about £5. The first picture are off the pans that the product is in from left to right is what the product is called; Iridescent Gold, Radiant Cashmere, Pink Shimmer and Radiant Lights. On my arm radiant lights is first followed by the order above.

My first impression is that I am disappointed by Revolution, it is not as shimmery as I expected, the only reason I bought this product is because the colour that MUA had wasn’t in stock and this was the closest I could find. Besides that it is a pretty colour and I could mix it with another lighter highlighter to keep the colour but get the shimmer. With this swatch I had to go back into the pan a few times for it to actually look like it has pigment in it, which is great, so I will probably not use it that much, or I might use it as a bronzer.

Now I was surprised about the MUA highlighters, they are more pigmented, more shimmery and the colours are beautifu. My favourite has to be pink shimmer though, as with my skintone it is subtle, so if I were to put it on my cheeks you would hardly notice, which is how I like my make up, so for me that’s perfect. I also bought some lumi drops from gosh in the colour ‘Vanilla’ as I thought it was a more ‘posher’ highlighter if you will, but I am really really disappointed in this product as you would need to put a lot of product on your face for it too look like you have used a highlighter, I did have a picture but it is pointless to upload as you can’t tell the difference from the swatch to my skin. So the highlighting drops are a huge no-no from me.

Now time for the liquid lipsticks. So I did buy a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in the colour ‘Posie K’ a few weeks ago, but it cost about £40 including delivery, so for me it wasn’t worth it. But the product itself I feel is amazing. The applicator is fluffy and feels nice on the lips, the product smells really nice, however I thought the colour was lighter and was disappointed when it arrived and it looked incredibly dark on my lips, but I eventually liked the product. The product did come off after a few hours and it came off even quicker when I ate a McFlurry, but not everything is ever lasting.

Now on to the MUA lipsticks. The lipstick ‘Velvet Vamp’ is from Revolution but the rest are from MUA. When I saw the packaging it looked and felt luxurious. It kind of had a ‘frosted glass’ look. I just want to state something now, on the product itself it says ‘long-wear matte finish lip lacquer’ now with my previous experiences with some of these products (I wore two a few days ago) they were not long-wear, mine came/rubbed/flaked off within two-three hours leaving a line around my lips, which means I would have to carry the product around to reapply it. But this opinion is different for everyone depending on what your definition on long lasting is, mine is more than four hours so in that regard I am dis appointed with the lip lacquers. But never the less the colours are pretty. I have swatched a few but some of the pictures disappeared. They all went on great but they needed a few more dips then more application on to my lips to get full pigmentation. They smelt gorgeous, and the applicators were great to cover my lips in the product. But what I was disappointed about was the ‘MUA LUXE’ metallic lips, they didn’t dry matte, which I think they were supposed to do, and you could hardly tell they were metallic as there wasn’t much shimmer, so my advice would to be buy the metallic ones from a luxury brand such as Kylie Cosmetics.

My favourite lip lacquers are Zest, Tranquillity and Posie k.

After swatching all of the lipsticks my lips felt numb, tingly, sticky and horrible, so I just simply put on some lip scrub then coated them in lip balm to try and get some moisture back in them and it worked. What I used are the last two pictures.

So my opinion is that if you pay for more luxury brands you will have to pay that luxury price but in some cases it is completely worth it, and I probably if I was more interested in to make up, but to me spending £30 on eyeshadow is absolutely ludicrous as for shoes however I could easily spend at least £100 on one pair!!

Remember just be you.

Katy Nella xoxo