Trying New Things

Okay, so at the beginning of last year I decided to write in my notes app everything new I watched, ate or did. To show myself that I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Some of the stuff I did has made me feel more confident about myself and made me excited to try new things and push myself even further out of my comfort zone. This list won’t even have most of the points on as I completely forgot to write them down. But nonetheless here is what I did new, in 2021!

Films and Tv Shows

  1. Tag – This film is in my normal comfort zone as it is a comedy. But this was the first film we watched physically together. With Covid, we didn’t physically see each other until four or five months after we started talking as of lockdown. This film has led us to have a song that was playing in this film as our song. It’s a weird one and one that I never in my life thought I’d listen to but here we are. It’s a funny moment for us to only share with each other ❤
  2. The Wrong Missy – I wasn’t to keen on watching this film, I think we put it on as background noise whilst eating food, but it turned out to be really funny and I am glad I watched it.
  3. Coffee and Kareem – This film was chosen by my partner as I had chosen the previous nights film by making him watch We Are The Millers, an all time favourite of mine. I wasn’t to keen to watch this film, and as we watched it over Discord, I was just going to stay on my phone, but I really ended up enjoying it and it was hilarious.
  4. Bad Trip – A film that I would never chose, this was another Aidan choice. I really enjoyed this film, it was different then the normal comedy I would watch.
  5. Superstore – I started to binge watch this as just random background noise whilst I tidied, ate etc but I started to really find it funny, It was always on when Aidan spent a week at mine. It was different then normal US comedies and I can’t wait to finish this next season.
  6. Grey’s Anatomy – This is a weird one. I get really squeamish when it comes to needles and certain medical talk cause I faint a lot when it’s spoke about. But, I saw that it was on Disney Plus and wanted to see what the fuss was about. Well safe to say 3 months of binge watching, I am heavily invested in this show. It had me crying, laughing, asking google if the actors were friends. This show preoccupied half of my year, and I don’t regret a single thing.
  7. Thuderforce – Genius. I loved the format even though it has been done loads of times before, but it was funny, simple and I loved it.
  8. Game Night – Anything with Jason Bateman in is a sure win in my book, I just love every film he is in. And this was no different.
  9. Friday the 13th (2009 remake)- I hate horrors. But, it is a genre of film and show I want to start watching. I am a fan of music score, cinematography, lighting, colour pallets, everything that makes a movie enjoyable to watch, and horror has some of the best films for this. The artistry of the horror genre I have always appreciated, but I hate getting scared, but I am not going to be a pussy anymore and I am going to start watching more horrors. This film you can say isn’t the best horror to watch, but it was easy, minimal scares, not a lot of gore. This film was enjoyable and has eased my way into the genre. This Dead Meat and the films I watched last year being Jennifer’s Body, The conjuring 1 and 2, Cabin in the Woods and the Haunting of Hill House.
  10. The Do Over – I wasn’t expecting much with this film. Adam Sandler comedy is a desired taste, but many of his films I love watching and this film was just hilarious to me.
  11. The Package – Know this film surprised me. I really wasn’t expecting this to be this funny. Having relatively new actors, really helped it. I thought it would be cringy but I wasn’t, I don’t think I have laugh out loud as much as I did watching this film.
  12. Father of the Year – Exceeded my expectations. Apart from the fact that Aidan fell asleep watching this film, I couldn’t stop watching it. It was the right amount of everything. And of course very funny.
  13. Cruella – I am not the biggest fan of Disney. I don’t actively watch Disney films, maybe because of the stigma of the ‘adult obsessed Disney fan’ but I really liked this film. It had me wanting to become a fashion designer. This and the live remake of Mulan has got me wanting to watch more Disney.
  14. Good Boys – This film again, comedic genius, who knew 13 year old boys swearing riding on bikes trying to get drug to get their drone back would be funny, but it was. Very funny.
  15. The Circle – I never watched this when it first came out in the UK but it was a good series.
  16. Clickbait – THIS SHOW OMG. I recommended this show to everyone at my office. I couldn’t stop watching, the videography, the changing the episodes to show the pov of each character, the storytelling, the twists and turns. Immaculate, I loved this show.
  17. Squid Game – This show has opened a whole genre of foreign films and shows I want to watch. This show was so good, there isn’t anything bad I can say about it. I loved it. The reveals and the foreshadowing, re watching it and then noticing all the easter eggs. I watched this show twice, once through a binge session then again a week later with my sister and her friends. This show made me want to watch more. I started watching Alice in Borderland and All my Friends are Dead, because of this series. Not to mention I have kept singing ‘red light green light’ for months.
  18. Scary Movie – I was bored and watched this movie, not bad just average. It was funny and did the job passing time by on a boring afternoon.
  19. Roadtrip – Can’t really remember this film, but I think it was funny.
  20. Free Guy – This was the first film me and Aidan watched in the cinema. It is a great concept and I loved it, that’s all I can say, laugh out loud comedy, was a great first cinema date.
  21. Spree – This was a surprise. It was funny, the concept of it being shot and shown in a live pov, it was enjoyable. Weird but great.
  22. Alice in Borderland – I love this show. I still haven’t watched episode four onwards, I still need therapy for episode three.
  23. My Friends Are All Dead – This is one of the first foreign films I have watched. It’s a polish comedy slasher type film which has loads of events happen, but is just a clusterfuck of scenes but it was really enjoyable to watch and made one of my favourites this year.
  24. Final Space – I want my own mooncake teddy, let’s just say that.
  25. Jumanji 2 – I loved the first one and the second one didn’t disappoint. The cast work great together and I think these films can make it to my favourite of all time.

New Experiences

These are a list of all the new experiences that I did or foods I ate etc. I am a very picky eater so the foods list is a big deal for me, especially because I have a fear of throwing up, so it stops me from eating new food that could make me do that.

  1. Made my own tomato soup
  2. Made banana bread
  3. Cooked and Ate Basa fillets
  4. Ate mussels
  5. Made Beef Wellington
  6. Made my own Custard tart
  7. Did glass painting
  8. Tried Lidntt Strawberries and Cream
  9. Had Chicken Masala – this is my favourite curry, but the person who made it put coconut cream in the sauce and I saw them make it, so I was nervous to eat this, but it was delicious.
  10. I walked all the way into my nearest village to pick up Aidan – Again this is a big deal because I hate sweating and looking un healthy, but it was really fun.
  11. I made tik tok noodles – Soy sauce and sugar! I hate sugar in savoury foods it feels unnatural to me. But this tasted delicious and I like making it.
  12. Ate egg yolk
  13. Made my own chicken panini
  14. Made my own fruit tart
  15. Made my own pizza
  16. Tried Dominoes garlic and herb dip and I now can’t live without it
  17. Had egg mayo sandwiches and now love them
  18. Tried and now I like mayo!
  19. Went on a midnight walk at 3am and saw an orange moon
  20. Made my own waffles
  21. Tried to poach an egg, it failed, but I keep trying to poach one
  22. I put and ate lettuce and red onions in a sandwich
  23. Had Korean BBQ sauce
  24. Tried embroidery and loved it
  25. Went on a double date
  26. Played football golf
  27. I failed my driving test twice
  28. Resigned from my full time job
  29. Made soy candles
  30. Made fire starters – but my mum threw them away
  31. I parked my car and paid for the parking
  32. I tried a chicken bake from greggs
  33. Had an apple crumble pie
  34. Had one from Maccies and it was disgusting
  35. Had strawberry lemonade from Maccies
  36. Wore a dress and sandals in the uk and went to Tesco
  37. Had fish pie
  38. Had a mango and lime gin and tonic
  39. Drank Alcohol and didn’t drink to get paralytic – I casually drank
  40. Ordered a fish and Chips from the chippy – not my usual order at all
  41. Went for a 3 a walk on the beach with my sister
  42. Got dressed up for a date
  43. Wore a dress I wasn’t comfortable with, but i liked it and put the doubts about my body to the side
  44. Wore gym stuff out to town and didn’t wear a jumper in boiling weather to hide my body
  45. Tried pizza express pesto dough balls
  46. Got my Covid jab and my TB jab – I am deathly afraid of needles so this was a big thing for me, I kind of overcome a huge fear that I have needed to have therapy for.
  47. I wore denim shorts out to somewhere, and not leggings
  48. Went to a vegetarian restaurant and ate and like the food
  49. Had asparagus and then a poached egg on top
  50. Went swimming in a lake – I wore a swimsuit and put my sea shoes on in front of people and I didn’t feel embarrassed, I was just enjoying my time with my sister and cousin.
  51. Drove to my nearest city in the dark
  52. Got a bolt in my tyre and Alan and Aidan had to change it
  53. I started a new job – super nervous and anxious to start it but now its a lot better.
  54. Tried fresh lemonade from Costa and it’s now my favourite drink ever.
  55. I had a cup of coffee cause someone at the office made me one and I wanted a drink and it still is the most disgusting thing I have ever had on my tongue.
  56. Started using my own initiative at work and feel like I am learning and doing well.
  57. Cleaned my car
  58. Had my first burrito
  59. Went to an art gallery
  60. Had a cafe nero fruit booster
  61. Got a hand tattoo
  62. Had an allergic reaction
  63. Went to the gym
  64. Tried brussels Sprouts
  65. Tried stuffing and enjoyed it
  66. Tried a banana muffin
  67. Listened to music and artists I would never normally listen to

This year, 2022, I am going to try and watch 15 new films, 10 new tv shows, read 10 books, and I am going to challenge myself to do or eat 50 new things. I have a lot planned or a lot of things on my mind that I want to do or achieve this year. Those will all be in my next blog post, so watch out for that if you want some New Year Resolutions ❤


Katy x


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