Breaking my type

First of all I want to say that I am going through something and I am on a journey, that has taken me through alot and I am learning things about myself everyday. I am learning new things everyday and I am understanding alot more about myself and the world around me. I will write a post about this on Sunday or Monday as I am busy this weekend, this post will be a little more spiritual and more honest and open, so look out for that.

But this post is about an epiphany I have had over the past few months, especially in the past few weeks.

What is a type? And why are we all stuck on “our type”?

By definition ‘type’ is ‘a person or thing exemplifying the ideal or defining characteristics of something.’ We all have our ‘types’, our likes and dislikes but when we live our life by just limiting ourselves to just our ‘type’ we miss out on a lot of experiences and we never step outside of the box that ourselves and society has put us in.

The adventure starts when we step out of our predetermined box. Our ‘type’ is the person we want as a partner; their hair colour, eye colour, breast size, dick size, do they have muscles, are they the race you’re attracted to, do they read philosophy books, are they rich? It’s the films we watch; is it a comedy, sci-fi, horror, western, war, thriller, anime? It’s the food we eat, the ‘type’ of takeaway we order, it’s the books we always read, tv shows we always watch on repeat, the games we play, the exercises we do.

We limit ourselves to only interact with what we know we will already like. I saw a tweet that said anxious people re watch the same shows cause they know whats going to happen, and I think its true. I never watch a new film cause I am anxious about whats gonna happen. I am a very jumpy person anything can scare me, so I stick to what I know.

When we don’t step outside and experience something new we are depriving ourselves the chance to learn, grow and experiment in our lives.

Our ‘normal’ changes. Our ‘type’ changes. In highschool I really was into blonde hair and blue eyes, my first partner had those features. My current partner has brown hair and brown eyes, and most of the celebrities I fancy have brown hair and brown eyes, but since I am growing wiser, I wouldn’t limit myself to just one hair colour, unlike many people, who would just stick to their type. I am not judging them, just maybe experiment a little bit, go for something different.

I have always stuck to my ‘type’, I have always stayed inside the box that I have put myself in. I only wear leggings and jumpers, I don’t experiment with my style, I only play games I know I good at, I only eat foods I know I like because I have a fear of throwing up, I only watch films I relatively know i’ll like.

But in the past few months I have grown out and tried different films, foods, styles. I have a few horror films, which I would never do cause I hate scary things, but I denied myself a part of cinema, which is annoying cause I love all things film. I went to brunch a few days ago and I wore a dress and heels, which I would never wear, I broke my style type. I was walking down the street and people were staring as it was 1:30pm, but I didn’t care I felt good.

The point is that we need to try and break out of our box and when we do our lives are limitless.

KatyNella xoxo



2 responses to “Breaking my type”

  1. Enjoyed the post and was also struck by the image, Katy!✨
    I wondered where picture got taken?


    1. Thank you!! The image I got from the free pexles thing where I can upload the image! I didn’t take it myself

      Liked by 1 person

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