A letter to my sisters

First of all, I want to apologise for how much of shitty big sister I have been in the past, I have been mean, angry, I have made you cry and I have really been awful.

I don’t know why, but I must have taken out my anger on you too and that wasn’t right and I shouldn’t have done that.

You two have taught me what unconditional love means, even when we fight, five minutes later we will talk and it’s like the argument never happened and we still love each other.

You have kept me young at heart. I would play dress-up with you, watch your shows with you, I must have watched so much Dora the Explorer cause you loved it, Lucy. You are 3 and 5 years younger than me, so whenever we spent time with each other, it would be what you want to play, so we would play mermaids, thinking we were Cleo, Emma and Rickey from H20, making our way to Mako island. To be honest, I loved it, because I didn’t grow up quickly.

Together we have been spies like Clover, Alex and Sam, we have done our own ANTM photoshoots, we have started our own fashion line out of old kitchen towels, and we would sew them together in our little shed in the back garden. We have created our own music videos, and documentaries from all the castles we have visited.

We have been faeries, explorers, adventurers, Jedi’s, superheroes, hairdressers, been each others judge when we have baked and sung, We have had dance battles, catwalk shows, sleepovers where we don’t fall asleep till 4 in the morning.  We have had many midnight illegal game nights playing Mario on our Nintendo DS’. We have been each other’s storyteller, I have been your tooth fairy when mum was too tired to remember.

We have been each other’s rocks and shoulders to cry on. You have been my comedians, therapists, you have been my enemies.

But most of all we have been each other’s hype men and biggest supporters.

I’ve seen you at your worst as you have seen me at mine. We have all screamed at each other, made each other laugh till our stomach hurts, we have cried with each other and vented to each other.

We have scare competitions, we have our own language, we understand each other. We have even been each other’s saviours and communicators where we had to tell people what Lucy wanted when she was younger because she couldn’t speak properly, but we always knew what she meant.

I will always cherish the moments I have had and will have with you two. You both are my best friend, and I just want you both to know that you two will always be in my heart, I will always love, support and protect you will all my being, no matter what.

I am immensely proud of both of the women you have started to become. You will both have me in your corner to the ends of the earth and back.

I love you, Amy.

I love you, Lucy.

I mean I must love you both to have my first tattoo to be about you two.


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