#16 – Are you drifting apart?

When moving to a new place, without a comfort blanket, the protection of your childhood friends, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by meeting new people. If you are worried about this I have another post that you might want to check out.

When you have met new people, and found new friends, like your childhood friends, will do, it is easy to lose contact. It is easy to drift apart.

What do we do in these situations, sometimes we feel sorry for ourselves, wonder what has gone wrong, wonder were you actually friends or just friends by circumstances?

I can tell you now, everyone you meet has an impact on your life, good or bad, they still impact it. And what should you do when you feel your home friends are vanishing from your life?

You need to think are they worth being in your life? Some people you know from an early age are toxic friends, and if you don’t speak to them, you need to figure out why? Did they invalidate you, do you both just forget to send a message, are you the toxic one? Sometimes we keep people in our life for circumstance, it’s like this with all relationships, parents, family members, partners, we keep people in our life that we think deserve to be there.

Mothers and fathers can be really harmful, manipulative, abusive, yet sometimes people keep them in their life because ‘it’s their parents, they are blood, they gave me life’ well, I am telling you know no one who treats you like shit and causes you pain, anxiety and mental abuse shouldn’t be in your life.

Maybe when you drift apart from people you once knew is a good thing, or maybe it means you need to realise that you are the problem in communication is you. This is something that I need to remember and learn, that it is your fault sometimes why there is no communication, I do it a lot and blame other things and I don’t take accountability.

Ask yourself:

  • Are we really drifting apart?
  • Do I want them in my life?
  • Can I do anything to stop us drifting?
  • Were we just friends of circumstances?
  • What can we do to stop drifting?

When you get to Uni you meet so many extraordinary people, and sometimes it’ just will of the universe that some people aren’t in your life now.

What do you think? How can we stop drifting apart from old friends?

Katy Nella xoxo

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