Weekly Recap #1

6th March 2020 – 26th March 2020

Oh lord. This week started off with a bang. So the 8th of March was my mothers 48th birthday, and we went to the pub I work at. I ended up having multiple double gins and lemonade, this was a bad idea. I ended up getting very drunk, and since I hadn’t eaten all day since I was working, I got drunk very quickly.

I threw up all over my duvet, the walls, the floor everywhere. And not only that, I blacked out. I woke up to find the shower door was off and I have no idea how drunk me got the shower door of the wheels and basically broke my shower, and not only that there is a sewer smell coming from my shower, so this is just brilliant and fantastic.

This makes me wonder should I stop drinking?


Also my prints from this artist called Lena Galore, arrived this week and I can’t wait to put them up on my walls!


I have wrote a few blog posts on the 10th, I am trying to get everything sorted, and trying to get my schedule done and get into a routine but when you’re a lazy fuck like me and you have no motivation it’s difficult.


After months of procrastinating I have finally set up my strip lights on my desk, and everything looks cute af.


My skin is really bad on my hands at the moment, and I am getting quite self-conscious with it, especially when I am at work and I have to serve plates to the customers and my skin is all dry and chapped. I am currently typing this with gloves on and a lot of emollient one to try and moisturise my skin.

So the Corona Virus has wreacked? havoc and has kind of put my life on hold like so many other people. This virus is ruining lives and it honestly feels like we are in a movie.  I have had plans been canceled, we have to live in quarantine, I am now in the retention scheme so the company I work for can give me 80% of my wage, which is a blessing because so many people have lost their jobs. I am just thankful for the people who are in the NHS, delivery workers, people that work in food retail, they are working round the clock because so many people are in need of their help. My mum is one of the people on the ‘front-line’ so to speak, as she is specialised in respiratory, and Covid-19 is a respiratory virus she will need to be more at the hospital. In her hospital, there are already positive cases being patients and professionals. She is at risk as she has Asthma.

Thank you to the numerous people who are risking their lives for others, we wouldn’t be able to cope without you.

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