Well we have now entered a new decade and this means so many things for me, you and the world.

This post is generally for me to write down my thoughts and process them and set a plan so that it’s out there on the interwebs and I will be held accountable, even though that it has never happened before and I haven’t stuck to anything I have said, big yikes.

What I want to attempt with this blog is just daily content, and get in a state and feeling of accomplishment by the end of the year.

Now posts that I want to write in the next few weeks is a recap of 2019, going over my old resolutions, top ‘somethings’ of the decade, what I want to achieve this decade and year. I also want to push the boundaries and do different styles of posts on the blog, and my YouTube and Twitch, so HOPEFULLY there will be big things coming. WATCH THIS SPACE.

What I want to introduce on the blog is a series of profile pieces about people from around the world, I have already got someone, I just need to write it up, but it is difficult with work at the mo, but that is me time managing and motivation, so this is something I want to work on.

I also want to introduce a ‘dream journal’ page. This is where I will write stories about my dreams, cause they are crazy and random and I think the world needs to know about them.

I have about 30 posts in my drafts and I don’t know whether or not I want to scrap them and start a new, or just spend an afternoon writing them, they are some good ideas and I think I just need to stop being a piece of shit and just write!

That’s where my head is at. I want to become a better me, so let’s hope 2020 does this for me!

Enjoy the new year and see you soon!

KatyNells xoxo

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