Did I achieve my NYR?

Quick answer is no!

These were my NYR for 2019, lets recap and see if I did any of them

  • Become Healthier – Exercise, eat better food  Sort of 
  • Become Vegetarian/or Vegan Sort of
  • Learn a new skill every month No
  • Read more books No
  • Become more spiritual – Learn about the chakras, astrology, crystals etc No
  • Spend more time with my pets – Walk them more, play with them more Sort of 
  • Volunteer for a charity No
  • Find a full-time job YES
  • Save money – open a savings account No
  • See my friends more Sort of
  • Start yoga and meditation No
  • Get my drivers license Not even close
  • Visit and spend time with my Nanna and Grandad No
  • Take up opportunities No
  • Refine my photography skills No
  • Become a better me No
  • Find people who like the same music as me – this is just so I can listen to it with people who appreciate me Sadly Not
  • Stream more, create more videos, post more on my blog Not by a longshot 
  • Experience more eh
  • Go camping by myself Nope


Not surprised that I haven’t completed them, but I will incorporate them into my new, new years resolutions!

Did you complete yours?

KatyNells xoxo

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