#12 – Skipping a few lectures can’t hurt…

We’ve all had them days where we feel like doing nothing, that not getting out of bed nothing, and when we do skip the day, we feel guilty and annoyed at our selves. I am telling you now, that we shouldn’t feel this way.

Whether or not you’re missing the lecture because you’re hungover as fuck, still drunk, have the most painful period pains to date, you haven’t done the reading, you didn’t sleep the night before, your mental state isn’t as great as it was, you’re ill or you just feel like pure shit. We sometimes all need a break, a rest, a moment to chill.

Obviously you can’t skip every lecture or you will fail, but what I am saying is that burnout is real, and the world can catch up on us sometimes.

There were days in uni I missed the lectures because I was hungover, I went in the next day and my lecturer was disappointed and I have never felt more guilty and upset with myself, but I must admit having 10 tequila shots and a variety of doubles gave us the karma the next day.

But I missed some because it was a necessity. TMI but the first day of my period, gives me so much pain I can’t even describe. I can’t walk, I can’t sit and it’s fucking awful. I missed the first lecture of the day most months on the day if there was a lecture. I would take a few paracetamols and I would be able to function for the rest of the day.

The fact that I couldn’t go in annoyed me, as I needed and wanted to attend the lecture. But if I did go, I would be thinking about the pain, the fact that I might bleed through my leggings, “why didn’t I bring my hot water bottle?”. I would not be concentrating and those first few hours in the morning I needed at home to ease the pain and chill before the rest of the day, where my body would have been walking and it would have got so tired. Yes I missed a lecture, but my friends got me the notes, I went to the library and I revised it.

I have friends who missed countless lectures and when they came in they didn’t have a clue on what was going on. One teacher didn’t know that “Jane” was even in his class cause she never showed up, but this was cause they didn’t want to do it anymore, but the point is you have to find balance.

Don’t skip lectures, but if you have to, don’t feel guilty. Sometimes we need that rest day, sometimes you will hate a lecturer and their classes, so maybe skip one then attend the next two then skip one. If you don’t compromise with yourself, there would have been no point in going to uni.

And yes I know some of you right now might be thinking “but we have weekends to rest and chill” NO KAREN, my friends worked part-time jobs at the weekend so they could finance themselves. They would be in uni 3/4 days a week then working 3. We never decide when our brain, mind and soul needs to breathe.

Sometimes I would just wake up and feel like shit, I just felt down and sad for no reason. I wouldn’t want to go in cause I would have to do work when I am not in the right frame of mind and it’s easy to say just get on with it, but it’s easier to watch Netflix and cry and then feel better.

We need a reboot, and that might be when you have a lecture, but c’mon you are doing a lot of work, multiple essays, readings, notes and all whilst trying to balance work, friends, self-care, it’s easy to get wrapped up in everything and feel like you’re suffocating.

So once in a while just do fuck all, and if you miss a lecture then it can get fucked.

Stick that face mask on, grab your self a cuppa and binge-watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine for the 70596th time.

Please don’t miss the important ones, but the ones where you can get your friends to get you the notes, and you can read them in your time when at the library or a cafe, and don’t feel guilty when you do, just hit reset, reboot and you will be ready to tackle the next day.

Your health comes first. You come first – Remember that.

KatyNells xoxo


Posting Schedule :)

Here is my new posting schedule.

Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 14.53.23

I am going to try and post four days a week, on Sunday there could be a post or there might not be, it just depends if I have an idea!

My university series are posts that I just give advice and tell stories that happened whilst I was at uni so that people who are nervous can read them and feel a little at ease, or someone can decide whether or not uni is for them, these will be out every Monday.

‘Dream Journal’ will be a new series I am going to start where I write up a story about the dreams I have had and what they were and shit like that. I might do posts and videos, I guess we will see, they will be out Wednesdays.

On Friday I will just recap the week, or just do my thoughts or something I don’t know, it could be this or it could be something completely different like Sundays.

This will start on the 11th of January 2020.

I hope to see you on my blog this year!

KatyNells xoxo


Did I achieve my NYR?

Quick answer is no!

These were my NYR for 2019, lets recap and see if I did any of them

  • Become Healthier – Exercise, eat better food  Sort of 
  • Become Vegetarian/or Vegan Sort of
  • Learn a new skill every month No
  • Read more books No
  • Become more spiritual – Learn about the chakras, astrology, crystals etc No
  • Spend more time with my pets – Walk them more, play with them more Sort of 
  • Volunteer for a charity No
  • Find a full-time job YES
  • Save money – open a savings account No
  • See my friends more Sort of
  • Start yoga and meditation No
  • Get my drivers license Not even close
  • Visit and spend time with my Nanna and Grandad No
  • Take up opportunities No
  • Refine my photography skills No
  • Become a better me No
  • Find people who like the same music as me – this is just so I can listen to it with people who appreciate me Sadly Not
  • Stream more, create more videos, post more on my blog Not by a longshot 
  • Experience more eh
  • Go camping by myself Nope


Not surprised that I haven’t completed them, but I will incorporate them into my new, new years resolutions!

Did you complete yours?

KatyNells xoxo



Well we have now entered a new decade and this means so many things for me, you and the world.

This post is generally for me to write down my thoughts and process them and set a plan so that it’s out there on the interwebs and I will be held accountable, even though that it has never happened before and I haven’t stuck to anything I have said, big yikes.

What I want to attempt with this blog is just daily content, and get in a state and feeling of accomplishment by the end of the year.

Now posts that I want to write in the next few weeks is a recap of 2019, going over my old resolutions, top ‘somethings’ of the decade, what I want to achieve this decade and year. I also want to push the boundaries and do different styles of posts on the blog, and my YouTube and Twitch, so HOPEFULLY there will be big things coming. WATCH THIS SPACE.

What I want to introduce on the blog is a series of profile pieces about people from around the world, I have already got someone, I just need to write it up, but it is difficult with work at the mo, but that is me time managing and motivation, so this is something I want to work on.

I also want to introduce a ‘dream journal’ page. This is where I will write stories about my dreams, cause they are crazy and random and I think the world needs to know about them.

I have about 30 posts in my drafts and I don’t know whether or not I want to scrap them and start a new, or just spend an afternoon writing them, they are some good ideas and I think I just need to stop being a piece of shit and just write!

That’s where my head is at. I want to become a better me, so let’s hope 2020 does this for me!

Enjoy the new year and see you soon!

KatyNells xoxo