Here’s Katy!


well sort of…

First things first I am looking for people to interview to create profile pieces. If you know anyone who has a lot to say, has gone through things or who is just really intresting then please get in touch!

A lot has changed but also a lot hasn’t. I have now graduated uni with a First Class Hons degree in Journalism, really wasn’t expecting it and I am super proud of myself. Secondly, I now have a full-time job as a waitress earning minimum wage and thirdly I have become the adopted mum of two cats.

What hasn’t changed is my lack of drive and motivation. It’s pissing me off big time because I have huge HUGE ambition but the fact that my laziness gets in my way is really frustrating, but there is no one but me to blame is there?

I am in the process of writing a profile piece on a video game music composer, and I have also just bought most of the stuff I need for my twitch channel, which is insane, the fact that I could be streaming by the start of next year is really exciting me. I just want to play games and have fun, so the fact that I am really close is making me happy but also nervous.

I am also supposed to be writing weekly for a website, however, I have only written two posts and it is shit, and they only excuse I have for not writing them weekly is the fact that I don’t know what to write about. I am stuck creatively at the minute, with this blog, my YouTube and the student website and I really don’t know what to do.

I haven’t applied for any jobs that fit my degree because at the moment I just want to chill and enjoy my life and fill my book of ideas and there is a lot that I want to achieve, have started doing but not finished, and I feel like I am only 22 and I should have my whole life figured out, I should have started streaming already, I should have a high paying job, my own house, kids.

Some people my age are already getting their own house, getting engaged, starting a family and here’s me, having a bean toastie with scrambled eggs three times a day for a week cause it’s the only food I can cook at the min.

I think I am having an existential crisis. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO FUCKING DO.

I know people move at their own pace but I feel like I am very slow. I constantly think about if there is any point in doing anything cause the world is going to die. Was there a point in doing the journalism degree, should I have done business, or science or maths or archeology? I don’t know, and I need help, I really do. If you have any tips to help with this dread then please give me them.

I also think I need to update my linked in, but I have forgot my password, so there’s that. I was also shortlisted for a BJTC award, which is like a prestigious award for a journo student as the industry’s top players endorse the course, I didn’t win but at least I got shortlisted. Guess it means I am not as shit as I thought eh?

Anywho, I won’t end this post saying I will post next week, cause the reality is I don’t know when, I really don’t. But I have a new insta account for all things blog, YouTube and “Influenceree” type things if you want to go and check that out it is just @katynellamorgan.

(btw the cats in the image are my new kittens Salem and Sully, I have only had them a week and they are my life.)

See youse later

KatyNells xoxo