A letter to my mother

My mum is probably one of the strongest women I know. Her birthday is on the 8th of March, and that is international woman’s day, and it is probably one of the most fitting day’s to fall on her birthday.

This post is just all of the things that mum has taught me, and a letter to my mum.

First of all I want to thank my mum to for teaching me for being a confident, self-assured lady, who expresses my emotions. I have always been able to talk to my mum about anything, from sex, to my mental health, to just a tweet I thought was funny. This is one of the things I will teach my children, which is communication. Thats one of the things I pride myself on, I express my emotions, I express how I feel and that is down to my mothers upbringing.

Another thing my mother has taught me is to be a caring human being. I’ve grown up with my mother helping everyone she interacts with. One time my mother let my friend stay at our house, for a week, because she had problems at her home, there were no questions asked when I told my mother this, she just simply said; “she can stay here.” She still does this today.

She is a very welcoming person and very selfless, but she can be strong when she needs to be. She has always been someone to be caring, but if someone was a dick, she would stand up for herself, and others. Which I have carried into my adult life. I believe I would go above and beyond for people that I care about, or someone I have just met, but the second someone is an arsehole, or someone is taking advantage of me, or is using someone as a doormat or something like that, I stand up for myself, I carry myself in a way that will make my mother proud.

She has taught me to never give up on my dreams. Even though when I go on about becoming a YouTuber or streamer she rolls her eyes, but she used to be a full-time cleaner and childminder when I was 10 years old. That was when she met my step-dad and he pushed her to fulfil her dream of becoming a nurse at the age of 35. She went back to college to get a grade C in maths as she left school with a U. She then went on to go to university and study a degree of nursing, with 3 children, one in high school and two in primary school. This sheer determination she had, has inspired me to do my best and that I can achieve my goals, no matter the circumstances.

I just want to make my mother proud, I want to make enough money to give her what she wants, because she deserves the world. If I am not like how my mother was when she raised me to my kids, then in my eyes I have failed.

She is the most wonderful, inspiring, caring, charming, funny, beautiful woman on the earth and I love her with all my heart. She has raised three wonderful women, and I am proud to be known as her daughter.

I love you mum.