I cut my hair!

November 1st 2017, the day after halloween I cut my hair.

This might not seem that significant, however I cut 21 inches off my hair. I went from being a long haired beauty, to a short pretty pixie.

I had wanted to cut my hair off for a while and donate it. I just didn’t feel like I had the confidence to have short hair.

The reason this came about will be in a video because speech will be a better way of communicating it.

A lot of feelings came with me having short hair. I felt vulnerable because I didn’t have any hair to hide behind, I felt very insecure because I didn’t feel like I fit in the “societal beauty standards” for women.

Over the months, it got better and I felt a lot more confident. But I remember I was at hockey training and there were these groups of lads aged 9-12 there, being delinquents, and I kept wearing a beanie because ¬†was insecure (this was a week after I cut my hair) and I remember them watching us girls train and I heard one of them say “guess which the boy is out of them” and I could tell that they were speaking about me, cause I was the only one with short hair.

It made me feel shit, but I didn’t let that comment define me. I donated my hair to charity, a child who is going through alopecia and chemotherapy would have had my hair for a wig. That help me through the insecurities and I felt a lot more secure.

I shook my head and went back to training and did what I do.

This post is short, but I am telling you to step outside your comfort zone and do something you would never normally do!

Katy Nells xoxo