What I want to achieve


So, university is now over and this means that I can now focus on my blog, youtube and me!

Whats this post about? I want to put out there my future hopes and dreams and stuff I want to achieve.

First of all, I want to be successful; whether this would be in my job, family life, youtube, I just want to be successful and prove to people you can do things.

I want to have the body of my dreams. I want to be healthy and finally look in the mirror and in pictures and be happy with what I see.

I want to learn. I want to educate myself, immerse myself with different cultures and knowledge. I want to be smart and knowledgeable.

I want to become vegetarian, maybe vegan. I want to become an activist for animals and the environment. I want to impact the world, by saving it.

I would like to become an actor, but lets be honest this is highly unlikely, but yet it’s still one of my hopes and dreams.

In the summer I want to stream games, with my sister. We have wanted to do this for a while.

I want to become the person I have always wanted to be. I want to change my habits and my life.

Read more, walk more, write more, draw more, smile more, volunteer more, just be more.

I have so many business ideas, from opening a production company, to build houses for the homeless, to opening a sanctuary for animals and even opening two clubs. I want to build an empire, a legacy.

I want to be good at what job I do. I don’t want to be lazy and unmotivated. I want to have a get up and go attitude.

I want to work hard, for my children. So they don’t have worry about their life.

I want to learn how to cook, garden, do karate. I just want to learn loads of skills!

I want to love, live and just make people happy.

I want to help people and better peoples lives as well.

This was just a post so that I could put out in the universe what I want. Tell me in the comments what your hopes and dreams for the future are. Write down what you want, and then you will be on the way to achieving what you want.


KatyNells xoxo

2 thoughts on “What I want to achieve

  1. You’ve certainly got high hopes and dreams, as well you should at your young age, with most of your life ahead of you. I, on the other hand, who am likely older than your parents, look forward to decent health and prosperity to see me into my eventual retirement. But a simpler dream is that my blog posts will someday get 100s of likes and at least a few more comments.

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