We need to have mastur-debate :)

*Mature themes, readers discretion advised*


Yes, I am going to write about masturbation. It is the act of pleasuring oneself. What was once a very taboo topic in society, masturbation has become less taboo as more people are doing it and talking about it.

It has a lot of benefits and I want to give you reasons why you should masturbate, at least once in your life. I believe that it is very sensual and it is amazing to find out what your body likes. It is a great way to get to know yourself, to get really intimate, and the more intimate you are with yourself, the more intimate you can be with someone else.

If you know what you like, what your body responds well to, then you can teach someone else how to make you feel great. It is great giving yourself the sexual freedom, to give yourself an orgasm, but I imagine it is even better to have someone else give you one. Many women fake their orgasms with men, because they don’t know your self like you do, so the more you know and the more you tell them will in turn give you a greater orgasm. And this works with men also, they know what speed, grip pressure and movement they would like you to do.

Everyone has their own way of getting off and when we share these sexual preferences we have, this will make the sex even more pleasurable for both parties. For me, masturbation gives me a few seconds of euphoria, and I feel great, relaxed and amazing.

When you are in touch with yourself sexually, you do a lot more, you can try different things, and you can share different sexual experiences with someone, coming closer to them. You can then share your fantasies, fetishes and it’s just a great way to get to know yourself and to bring someone in to your life.

Sex, sexuality and lust are regarded as both positive and negative in this days society. A woman who is very sensual, who is open with her sexuality is often called a slut, this stops women being open about their desires, how they feel, what they want, it stops them from expressing themselves, sexually. Any woman who is open about her experiences, who knows her stuff, who knows exactly what she wants, is regarded as a ‘freak’, but she is just in tune with her femininity and sexuality.

In my opinion, we shouldn’t be shutting out this conversation, we should be talking about it, we should be creating safe places for women who want to be sexual, without having the fear that stems from that. However, saying this we shouldn’t be labelling men either who have sex daily as players, they just want sex they enjoy it so they do it. Every person is different, and we should be open to everyones personalities.

But back to masturbation, there’s no reason not to do it. The benefits are; it helps you relax, it releases sexual tension, orgasms release endorphins which are hormone that block pain, it can help you sleep, improve your self esteem and body image, for women it can also reduce period pains and cramps (planned parenthood.org).

So with these benefits, there is really no argument against it. It is a natural instinct to have sex and reproduce, that doesn’t mean we can’t have little pleasure when doing it.

If you want anymore information then click this link.

I hope that 2018 brings you many orgasms.


Katy Nells xoxo

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