#9 – Learn to manage your time and money.

As you go into university, you are young and naive. When you leave, you become, mostly, a fully functioning adult.

This means you need to manage your time and money effectively, especially whilst in uni. Money is the one thing you need in uni to survive, you need to buy food, water, you need to pay for your shelter. So you need to come up with a  plan that allows you to pay for your accommodation, as well as leaving enough for you to live till the next loan enters your bank account.

I suggest, allowing yourself an allowance of £40-£50 every week, and not spending it on makeup, or shoes, if you have left over money then fair enough, but the one thing you need to remember is that you do not want to dip into your overdraft, if you have one. This is very dangerous, you are spending money you don’t have, you want to keep your bank account positive as long as possible, as this will mean that you are owing less money when you finish uni (I don’t understand, bank stuff, but its obvious that the money is the banks, you think you have £1000, but you don’t) you don’t want to go bankrupt in your first year of uni, especially when you haven’t even started to live your life yet.

You can get a part time job, but I would only get one if you are motivated and hard working, to do uni, and do shifts as well as uni work on the side. A lot of part time jobs, especially bar work, affects your degree, as you miss lectures. So if you budget your money and keep your spending habits in check then you should have enough. If not your uni may provide a small emergency loan, so you can last till your next loan day.

Time is another asset that students need to utilise. Time, helps you keep on top of assignments, lessons and social life. The key to time is to organise it. If you can effectively organise your time, then your life at uni will be extremely easy. A diary can help, a weekly desk planner, so you can keep on track of assignments, a watch is obvious but really helpful. You need to start your assignments early, so you are not stressing at the last minute. This is common student behaviour, and we all notice it and we want to change it but, you know, we don’t. But if you start by organising your time efficiently and incorporating it in to your every day routine, then doing them early comes natural and it makes life a lot more easier, and nights out a lot more rewarding.

This is just my advice from the experiences I have had. I have spent my loan, I have missed lectures, done assignments a day before the due date, so I know how stressful it is and I have learnt what to do to make my life less stressful. And I hope they make you less stressful throughout your uni experiences.

If you have any ways that you manage money or time then comment below!


Katy Nells xoxo

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