#4 – Literally no-one gives a fuck

As it is coming to the season where people are preparing for uni, I am going to try to write more posts to do with the uni series.

*Disclaimer in the side bar *

People at uni generally don’t give a fuck.

By this I mean, you should stop fussing about whether you look fat, ugly, if your hair is bright green, if you are a virgin, if you have slept with dozens and dozens of people, no-one cares. No-one cares about your past, unless you make it a big thing.

We as a society care about what other people think of us more than what we think of ourselves. The only opinion that matters, is your own.

We all think people are judging us but in reality many aren’t. Some people do, thats a given.

We are all on the ride of life. We have different journeys to take but some of us have probably gone through the same shit and that is okay.

I went through a complete hair disaster this year in February. I tried to die my hair a lilac colour but it instead turned a horrible, grimy sea colour. It was absolutely mingin’. I had blue hair-dye, so I decided to die it blue…

It was a really nice colour, I ended up loving it, but I was so scared that people would judge me, people did make comments and they did stare but most of the comments I received were positive. Many people said that they wished they had the confidence to do that drastic if a hair colour change. I see so many people with different coloured hair at uni and I think it’s amazing that people have the confidence to rock a vibrant colour.

People wear pyjamas, slippers and random shit to uni but no-one bats an eyelid. In fact I wish that I would wear my pyjamas to uni as I could nap as soon as I get into my flat. It’s innovative really.

I have worn my slippers to the local Nisa because I couldn’t be bothered putting my shoes on. It was at 9pm, so give me a little credit.

Bottom line of the story is that you can go to uni and wear what you want, have your hair how you want, listen to music you like and no-one will care, unless it’s the music thing and you’re having a flat party at 2 am when people have uni the next day, then they will hate you.

Yours Truly


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