I’m Back…

So I have been MIA recently and thats mainly because of uni. It has been a busy year this year and I haven’t been able to do much on my blog as I hoped, but I have summer to try and reach my goal of 104 posts, which means there should be way more than 2 posts a week so this should be fun.

I have also not been writing because of the motivation issue I have like I mentioned in a few posts back.

So a life recap; I passed my economics exam, I passed my shorthand exam and my law exam freaked me out so much that I skipped the exam and ran off to a Premier Inn for two nights… not my finest move, I know. So I will have to resit this exam in August and it will be capped at 40% but you know its whatever. But I am on holiday in Wales in August so I just hope that it doesn’t overlap 😦

I died my hair blue, it has been blue for 3 months. I am getting it fixed tomorrow and my hairdresser has recommended that I go red again to balance the colour out. I have actually grown to like it, its fun, colourful, different, however ever since I have died my hair blue, I have noticed that more people have died their hair blue? I have noticed that many people stare at you though. There was one incident I had and there were these three older men walking past the uni library and I just left it and I hear one of them shout “Green Hair” and they muffled something, but I could hear them say comments, I don’t know that just freaked me out, but nonetheless I still rocked the blue hair.

Anyway, it’s my last final day as a blue haired human being!

So this summer I am going to try and focus on the blog more, I have a lot of ideas for posts so that should be great, I am going to try and exercise, I am not happy with my body so I am going to try and change that. I am going to read as many of my books as possible so I can go out and buy more, I also want to watch as many netflix series and films as I can before I start uni again because next year I will be busy.

So that’s you guys caught up on what I have been doing and what I am going to do this summer.


KatyNells xoxo

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