I’m Back…

So I have been MIA recently and thats mainly because of uni. It has been a busy year this year and I haven’t been able to do much on my blog as I hoped, but I have summer to try and reach my goal of 104 posts, which means there should be way more than 2 posts a week so this should be fun.

I have also not been writing because of the motivation issue I have like I mentioned in a few posts back.

So a life recap; I passed my economics exam, I passed my shorthand exam and my law exam freaked me out so much that I skipped the exam and ran off to a Premier Inn for two nights… not my finest move, I know. So I will have to resit this exam in August and it will be capped at 40% but you know its whatever. But I am on holiday in Wales in August so I just hope that it doesn’t overlap ūüė¶

I died my hair blue, it has been blue for 3 months. I am getting it fixed tomorrow and my hairdresser has recommended that I go red again to balance the colour out. I have actually grown to like it, its fun, colourful, different, however ever since I have died my hair blue, I have noticed that more people have died their hair blue? I have noticed that many people stare at you though. There was one incident I had and there were these three older men walking past the uni library and I just left it and I hear one of them shout “Green Hair” and they muffled something, but I could hear them say comments, I don’t know that just freaked me out, but nonetheless I still rocked the blue hair.

Anyway, it’s my last final day as a blue haired human being!

So this summer I am going to try and focus on the blog more, I have a lot of ideas for posts so that should be great, I am going to try and exercise, I am not happy with my body so I am going to try and change that. I am going to read as many of my books as possible so I can go out and buy more, I also want to watch as many netflix series and films as I can before I start uni again because next year I will be busy.

So that’s you guys caught up on what I have been doing and what I am going to do this summer.


KatyNells xoxo

Self What?

There are so many people that don’t believe in themselves, which causes them to have low self esteem. And I believe that no one should feel like that about themselves so I am going to write about what it is and how society these days have lost sight on ‘Self Confidence’.

So what actually is ‘Self Confidence’?

Well by definition ‘Self Confidence’ means “A feeling of¬†trust¬†in one‚Äôs¬†abilities, qualities, and¬†judgement” This meaning has lost it way through society as people don’t actually know what it is. We can safely say that self-confidence is easy to obtain from a far distance. All you have to do is trust yourself in the abilities you can do.¬†

Self-Confidence isn’t whether you can wear a dress, walk down a street and not care what anyone thinks, that’s being confident – it is different. It’s having trust in yourself, it’s belief that you can pass that exam, can eat healthier, can learn roller skating, that you can judge a persons character right.¬†

Self-Confidence is hard to get, as there may be many obstacles to go through but when you get it, your self-esteem will rise naturally. This website gives you tips on how to build your self-confidence; http://www.wikihow.com/Build-Self-Confidence

The best things you can do is¬†to know what is great about you, and realise that. If you think saying something about yourself is big headed, its not. Big headed is when people keep going on about how great they are, they only talk about themselves, they don’t have any consideration for others, they are so arrogant, so up there own ass that they can taste their own shit. Saying three things that good about yourself isn’t big headed, if you keep repeating them in the mirror every morning and night you will feel happier, you will trust your qualities and your self confidence will rise, soon you will be able to say “I can pass that chemistry test, I passed the last one I did” and when you believe in yourself that you can do things, when you realise your potential, when you set your mind to a task you can do anything. You will be able to knit a sweater, skydive at 30,000ft, get an A on any test, learn samba dance, you will be able to do anything and that my friends is self-confidence.

Katy Nella xoxo