Badlands – Halsey

I have recently started listening to Halsey and I can say hand on my heart she has become one of my favourites. To me she reminds me of Melanie Martinez and Lana Del Rey, again two of my favourites, so it doesn’t come to my surprise that I like her because of her style of sound.

She has a unique voice and has unusual back track which matches her voice perfectly, in my opinion, which is why when I listen to her songs I am transported into my thoughts. I think about past experiences, people and things that I want to happen.

I constantly have her songs Gasoline and Control on repeat, I always sing them in the shower, because to me they are the best songs of the album. When I listen to Gasoline I interpret it as the person doesn’t fit into ‘main society’ as they feel ‘strange’ or ‘insane’ and I relate to this because I, myself believe I and my friends are weird and we don’t fit in to what categories that has been created by/for society but we don’t care because we love being like that. And Control is about having and succumbing to demons that we may have in our head, which again I can relate too as I suppose many people can as well because we all have hidden demons and we have all been through a dark time and this song represents that in such a beautiful way with the melodic beat and the lyrics that are sung.

When I listen to her songs I just stop and be one with myself. I dance, sing and think without a care. Her angelic sounds just take me to a place where I haven’t been for in while, only when I listen to Melanie or Lana.

My Rating – 4 and a half stars

Click the links to  be re directed to Halsey’s Spotify or her YouTube channel. Also check out the playlist below to listen to her album ‘Badlands’.

Halsey’s Spotify

Halsey’s YouTube

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