Self What?

There are so many people that don’t believe in themselves, which causes them to have low self esteem. And I believe that no one should feel like that about themselves so I am going to write about what it is and how society these days have lost sight on ‘Self Confidence’.

So what actually is ‘Self Confidence?

Well by definition ‘Self Confidence’ means “A feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement” This meaning has lost it way through society as people don’t actually know what it is. We can safely say that self-confidence is easy to obtain from a far distance. All you have to do is trust yourself in the abilities you can do. 

Self-Confidence isn’t whether you can wear a dress, walk down a street and not care what anyone thinks, that’s being confident – it is different. It’s having trust in yourself, it’s belief that you can pass that exam, can eat healthier, can learn roller skating, that you can judge a persons character right. 

Self-Confidence is hard to get, as there may be many obstacles to go through but when you get it, your self-esteem will rise naturally. This website gives you tips on how to build your self-confidence;

The best things you can do is to know what is great about you, and realise that. If you think saying something about yourself is big headed, its not. Big headed is when people keep going on about how great they are, they only talk about themselves, they don’t have any consideration for others, they are so arrogant, so up there own ass that they can taste their own shit. Saying three things that good about yourself isn’t big headed, if you keep repeating them in the mirror every morning and night you will feel happier, you will trust your qualities and your self confidence will rise, soon you will be able to say “I can pass that chemistry test, I passed the last one I did” and when you believe in yourself that you can do things, when you realise your potential, when you set your mind to a task you can do anything. You will be able to knit a sweater, skydive at 30,000ft, get an A on any test, learn samba dance, you will be able to do anything and that my friends is self-confidence.

Katy Nella xoxo

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