A New Epiphany

(This post was written on this date 9/24/2016, and I published it on my other blog, but have now moved it to this one.)

I have come to realise in the past few days that I take a lot for granted. Living in the life of luxury, not as luxurious as some, but still more fortunate than others. I have laptops, cameras, a phone, speakers and that doesn’t really mean anything. I am lucky to have access to the necessary things such as love, family, friends, warmth, shelter, a bed, education and water.

Many people don’t have these things. Someone could have a family but no love, someone could have a shelter but no bed, someone may have friends but no family and there are people out living in this world with nothing.

For the past two days the water has stopped working in my flat. My flat that I pay £4000 for a year for, the flat I am going to live in for the next year so I can study at University, then get a job and pay near £40,000 back for the rest of my life. Many people don’t get this opportunity, they can’t choose what uni to go to, they can’t choose what course they want to study, they don’t even get to choose if they want to go as they don’t have the means to go. Many students, children, even adults moan and complain about every day life. The things we complain about are so trivial. ‘The mortgage is too much to pay.’ ‘I can’t pay for this night out, my banks a bitch.’ ‘My mum and dad will not let me have a party. I hate them.’ ‘Omg I can’t believe I spent £30.00 on this eyeshadow pallet. it is shit’.

We take so much for granted. I have not had any water, I can’t flush my toilet, wash my hands, have a shower, make a cup of tea, make pasta, or simply get a glass of water to drink. I had to go to the shop to buy about 8 litres of water. I could do that. Many people in this situation can’t simply pop down to their local Nisa and buy bottles of water.

I don’t even know why I am writing this post. I myself can’t really do anything to sort this situation or even help. I can later in my life, but right now I can’t and I might seem like a brat, but for me living without something for even a day has made me realise that somethings are precious and we really need to take in what we have. The opportunities we have.

The next time something doesn’t go to plan, I am going to try and not to complain because I am lucky to have my life. I am lucky to be writing this post and posting it on the internet that I have access to. There are a lot of people that are worse off then us. Everyone has problems, everyone is going through something or has gone through something and we just need to take that in to account the next time we want to complain of slow wifi or overpriced coffee.

Katy Nella xo

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