#2 -Freshers Baby

What exactly is freshers?

Well officially freshers is time at the beginning of September where there are deals in the clubs that students go to, to get all the newbies acquainted with the nightlife and to get them to go crazy when spending money. Last year at my uni there was this ‘promotions’ group that did events at specific clubs where you would probably go after freshers finished. These events were like paint parties, a schoolies night and zoo parties etc. Anyway most of the events were shit, so my advice would be if there is a wristband you can buy for the events, DONT GET IT. Unless you are going to go to all of them it’s pointless and a huge waste of money. There are normally spare tickets that people sell so wait until you know which ones you want to go to and which ones your flatmates and classmates are going to.

I would go to a few events ’cause you learn about the place you will be living at for nine months and you know whether or not you want to go to them places again, so there are good and bad experiences, it’s just up to you go out to experience and learn them. If you don’t risk anything then you are stuck in the same boring place with nothing to do.

But unofficially it’s a time to get absolutely fucked and to wreck your liver. Every day and night it is just about alcohol. In the day you get your outfit planned, you discuss your plans for the night, you get your drinks ready for pre drinks, then you get ready, you skip tea cause you don’t want to throw up that night, then you go to the flat where you are going to drink before you drink as it is the cheapest option, then you get to the club spend as much as you want because you are a naïve fresher then you can’t walk, talk or function in any way, but you want that take away, so you take off your heels walk to the take away and order the greasiest, fattening grub that you can afford, then you go to the taxi spend money on an extortionate fare, stumble into your building, make a lot of noise entering your flat, which I might add starts the flat war as everyone who stayed in now hates you for screaming ‘Man Don’t Care’ at four in the morning, you then go into room and either stuff your face in chips and red salt or you pass out on your bed, then you wake up hungover as fuck running to the bathroom to break your tap to get as much water in your system as humanly possible before getting ready to do your day of lectures or just missing the whole day to get up at five, receiving a message from your mate asking you ‘You out tonight?’, you want to say no but before you can send a message you are out getting your drinks to start the night all over again.

Enjoy freshers new and old students!

Katy Nella xo

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