#1 – Moving In

It’s nerve-wracking and daunting moving in to someplace new and having to meet the people you will live with for the year. You will live with people that you may have never been friends with at school – in my case that was all my flatmates. If you are sharing a bathroom you will have to get use to other peoples bathroom schedules, you better hope you don’t live with a Sheldon. But it is such a great experience, it really does push you out of your comfort zone and it makes you do stuff that you would have never normally of done.

It is scary leaving the place you feel most comfortable. Your room, your bed, your family will not be there, you are now living independently and I was really, really nervous of this and meeting my new flatmates.

I embarrassed myself in front of everyone within the first hour of me moving in. My mum and I were putting away my food. Because there was a lot of food we took it in to the kitchen in a suitcase.

So I was just finished putting all of my freezer food away and I fell into my suitcase, and I just lay on the floor for about ten minuets :’) This was in front of two of my new flatmates so my cheeks were really red from embarrassment.  So I wouldn’t worry about making an absolute fool of yourself, it will be a great memory and talking point later down the road.

Living by yourself is great. You’re independent. You feel free. You make your own meals, you are in charge of what you eat and every aspect of your life. When you wash your clothes, when/if you get up for your lectures. What you watch/listen too, there is no one there telling you to turn it down, change the channel, there is no one  bugging you, except of you get noise complaints then that’s a different story.

But the main point of this post was tell you, yes it is scary moving from the one place you feel safe, to a vast abyss of not knowing where anything is, who people are and what to do when you are on your own but it will teach you many lessons and you will have an experience of a lifetime.

KatyNells xoxo

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